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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

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Meccha Matcha is the best local matcha shop


Meecha Matcha is my new favorite local matcha spot.

They offer three different levels of Matcha experiences, the levels range for newbies, matcha regulars, and matcha experts.

Meccha Matcha sells more than just tea and lattes, they have matcha ice cream and soft serve that also come in three different intensity levels.

The first level is described on their menu as good for new matcha fans and the caffeine content is 85 mg which is approximately one cup of coffee.

The second level is recommended for people who love matcha and it contains double the caffeine as level one at 170 mg.

Finally, the third level is “ Reserved for the matcha connoisseur or those who are obsessed with matcha!” according to their menu and is even given a warning sign on the 255mg caffeine content.

They use 100% Ceremonial Grade matcha that is sourced directly from Okabe, Japan.

I tried the matcha strawberry oat latte and the matcha float both Level 1, I am a regular matcha drinker but decided to start at their base level since I was new there.

The quality of the matcha was so good, the thing that makes a good matcha is not being too bitter by having a good balance of sweetness when paired in a latte.

The strawberry latte was the perfect balance of sweetness without being overbearing and taking away from the flavor of the actual matcha.

The float was such a nice treat for a hot day, it is your choice of soft serve, they have matcha, hojicha, and yuzu ice blended and it comes on top of a “sweetened tea base” this was my first time ever having a matcha soft serve and it really impressed me.

Now that I know they have such a good matcha soft serve I will definitely be back for it more towards the summer.

They weren’t too busy at the time I showed up but I can imagine they get very popular during hot months and at night when people are out for a sweet treat.

They also were selling matcha cookies at the registers and a few other pastries such as matcha almond croissants.

I liked that as a matcha place they have a decently diverse menu and they offer options such as Espresso coffees, Hojicha latte, Yuzu refreshers, and black sesame lattes.

My partner ordered the Meccha Creama which wasn’t anything special from a regular iced latte.

The shop was cozy and the walls were full of fun art pieces, the customer service was great and I will definitely be back.

Meccha Matcha has been open since January 2019 so I am shocked that I have been missing out on it for all this time.

I highly recommend every matcha lover to give this place a try if you haven’t and even non-matcha lovers to try out the soft serve at least once.

Meccha Matcha is now my new favorite local spot and it’s convenient being so close to campus.


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Adrienne Fajardo
Adrienne Fajardo, Staff Writer
Adrienne Fajardo is a staff writer for Talon Marks. Outside of reporting she enjoys going on hikes, listening to  music and painting. She plans to transfer to Cal State Fullerton to further her education in Journalism.
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