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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

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Lucas Brown: Rags to riches

Jonathan Diaz
Coach Antonio Mckee putting on Knockout fight league belt around Lucas Brown

On March 9 Lucas Brown won the Knockout Fight League bantamweight title by a split decision in Spar Star promotion 59.

This title win improves Lucas’s undefeated record to 4-0 with this win and makes him the rank 14 out of 300 active California amateur bantamweights.

However, how was the rise of Lucas Brown’s amateur career for the belt? His love for fighting started at the young age of six thanks to his grandfather.

“My passion for MMA all started when i was a young kid” stated Brown “My grandfather was the first to introduce MMA to me so I was always fascinated by it,” said Brown.

This fascination led a young Lucas to be eager to learn martial arts but couldn’t due to his mother not wanting to put her son in a violent sport.

When he wanted to learn martial arts the most, was at the time he started getting bullied at a young.

“When I really wanted to start learning was when I started getting bullied in middle school,” said Brown “So i wanted to learn how to defend myself but my mom didn’t want me in any type of martial arts” he later stated.

This led Lucas to go down the wrong path and hang with the wrong crowd. “When I was 13 I was around gangs, when I hit about 14 I joined a crew” Brown stated. “I had family and friends involved so I was misguided to the wrong path”.

At 14 Lukas started boxing but was still in the streets. With his MMA dreams still in mind he left the crew to focus on achieving that dream.

“Around 16 i was going closer to 18 i didn’t know what i wanted to do after high school,” Brown said “And I remember MMA and going that direction to turn my life around” Brown later stated.

Lucas started his MMA journey traveling far to train. “I started my mma training at Huntington Beach where I had to take a bus 2 hours back and forth,” said Brown. He trained at Huntington Beach for about a year and a half before he found and joined Bodyshop.

“Since training with Bodyshop I’ve been on the next level,” said Brown. This is where he meets his coach and mentor Antonio Mckee.

“He doesn’t care about your money, he cares about your well-being,” said Brown. Coach Antonio Mckee had a big impact and was a father figure and mentor to Lucas.

This gym has brought the best out of Lucas changing him as a person and as a fighter to the next level.

Lucas has gone from being a bullied troubled teen to an amateur MMA champion and is now one of the best fighters at bantamweight in the state of California being ranked 14 according to Tapology. It’s safe to say that Lucas Brown has a very bright future in MMA.

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Jonathan Diaz
Jonathan Diaz, Staff Writer
Jonathan Diaz is a staff writer for Talon Marks mainly covering sports. Outside of news reporting he enjoys watching movies. He plans to transfer to either Cal State Fullerton or Long Beach.
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