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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

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Puck Talk episode 6

The Anaheim Ducks soared over the army of the Columbus Blue Jackets in a 6-4 win. Photo credit: Alfredo Menjivar
The Anaheim Ducks soared over the army of the Columbus Blue Jackets in a 6-4 win. Photo credit: Alfredo Menjivar


Alfredo: Hello, everyone, welcome back to the Puck Talk podcast. I’m your host Alfredo Menjivar, and this week I’ll be using Blame by RYT3XZ, that is R Y T 3 X Z the song is called Blame, yes.

So I wanted to talk about the game I actually went to, which was against, the Ducks, against the Columbus Blue Jackets.

That was probably the most intense hockey game I’ve ever been to and one of the most intense sports games I’ve ever been to.

The Ducks and Jackets were going back and forth at each other, just like four minutes into the game Troy Terry scores a goal that was insane.

Like off all the hockey games I’ve been to I’ve never seen a goal be scored that fast, if you exclude the college hockey game that I’ve been which is from Cal state long beach.

That was an intense game and just like a minute after Terry scored and I forgot the Blue Jackets’ players name was, he scored to tie the game when the game was tied.

I knew from there on, I’m like gee this is going to be, this going to be a crazy game.

I already know it just by how quick both those goals came and that goal from the Ducks came with the assist, came from Captain Ryan Getzlaf .

I was actually sitting right in the area where, where the Ducks were scoring all the dunks goals that came from from left to right. Oh, my stomach hurts and the Ducks they, ended up winning the game 6-4.

I was right there with my buddy Martin and that was his first hockey match. That was actually my first Ducks regular season game the first time I went to a preseason game against the San Jose Sharks and that was a good game to actually they won they won 3-0.

This definitely beats that I mean, as much as I despise the Sharks, this beat that by a mile not even by a mile- I don’t even know.

But the Ducks, they were a little slow, a little sloppy in the second period, those guys were, couldn’t connect passes that well, the Jackets scored two goals to tie the game.

They had plenty of other chances to as well as the Ducks, they could have very well had maybe like a seven, seven to three game maybe.

I remember one of the plays they hit the post or the crossbar, really but this game proved to me that the Ducks can, they could be a playoff team.

The problem with that is that their defense can’t hold up that well.

Their defense wasn’t able to hold up, especially in the second period.

The third period was a bit more back and forth.

The first period was all ducks it was all Ducks.

Troy Terry got two goals, and I believe Mayhew got one as well and that was crazy,

I got to see three goals scored in six minutes, six minutes.

I have never seen that before in my life.

Maybe I’ve never seen it- I probably don’t even remember which one, but I’m sure I’ve never seen it.

I’ve never seen it on TV and I’ve definitely never seen it at a game, not even a any any other sports game.

I was actually at the Dodger game just last night and the Dodgers scored a got a home run, but I was like a bit late, actually No, no, I was like pretty early.

Freddie Freeman scored the home run, but that was insane.

Now I get really

I highly, highly recommend going to a Ducks game because those fans, they’re passionate, they’re really passionate.

Even if you’re not a fan of the Ducks just go for the experience, I’m going to say this just to clarify to I am a Kings fan to, we’ve talked about this.

I’m a Kings fan and I had been dying to see Ryan Getzlaf play as well.

That one preseason game he wasn’t out or excuse me he wasn’t in.

So I, when I heard about this is going to be his final season,

I’m like man I have to make this happen and I have to see him play just once and he didn’t let me down.

Getzlaf got 2 point out of that game and he got the second star as well.

That’s something I’m never forget to and also, I should say, when we first got into the stadium, I went straight to the to team store get a puck and I ran into the one of the old coaches from the Ontario Reign, what’s his name?

Let me see, I think his name is Brett Sutter but it could be one of the players, actually, probably.

Mike Stothers is that his name?

I don’t remember, but that’s my bad. I should, I should know that.

Let me see here.

Yes, it is Mike Stothers, okay yeah So Mike Stothers he was just chilling right there in the store.

I was walking around there with my friend I just ran into him and I’m just like

“Are you one of the old coaches of Ontario Reign? He’s like, yeah, I was all telling him about this stuff about me being a Kings fan.

He said he was a Kings fan too, of course he coached the Reign and he had to be a Ducks fan.

He even said he’ll make sure to put a good show on for us.

We were not disappointed, not at all but like I said before,

Now going back to the game, like I said before, the Ducks they have a good team, they have a good team their offense is explosive.

They just can’t hold off their defense just can’t hold on.

They can’t hold on and that has been a problem for so long now they haven’t made the playoffs since 2018, since they got swept by the San Jose Sharks that was a playoff, a playoff run I wouldn’t want to forget it was a double loss for me.

The Kings got swept and the Ducks got swept.

That really, really hurt.

I would really wanted either one of the teams going all the way but no they both got swept it.

I hope to not see that from the Kings this playoff, when they make the playoffs.

It’s funny as I talk about the Ducks in this podcast, this episode because I’m wearing a Kings shirt now and the two of them play tonight in Anaheim, Kings versus Ducks. Boy, that’s going to be one hell of a game.

I’m pretty excited.

Of course, I got to cheer for my Kings too.

I have to cheer for my Kings and also Cam Fowler. I recorded a goal, Cam Fowler’s goal I got that on camera that was pretty insane.

Really, what this episode is about is me talking about my experience at the Ducks games really and what I’ve seen from the team

and what I’ve seen from the team, good offense, bad defense, and good goaltending.

That one goal who was hit by number 47 no not 47, number 34 for the Blue Jackets, that was such a lucky goal.

He put it on goal bounce off the post and Gibson was going to go to cover it and he puts in away, man you can get more lucky than that.

I thought that was going to be it. Now, honestly, it was it was one of my friends, the first hockey games, it was my friends first hockey game ever.

I wanted the game to go to overtime just to show him how intense it could be in overtime, because it can get really scary.

It gets really scary.

Just watching it on TV gets my heart pumping. I have been to a game like that for the Kings a long time ago.

It’s stressful.

It’s really horrible.

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Alfredo Menjivar
Alfredo Menjivar, Sports Editor
Alfredo Menjivar is the sports editor for Talon Marks. Alfredo loves watching ice hockey, specifically the Los Angeles Kings. He wishes to transfer to Cal State Long Beach to pursue his career of being a sports/hockey writer and possibly play hockey for the university of his hometown.
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