Cerritos College
Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

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Cerritos College needs more food options

Moses Lopez: Here at Cerritos College students have had access to a variety of on-campus dining locations, including chains like subway, however after the 2020 pandemic the options students had have decreased. There are now three locations that are currently closed. We have our on-site journalist Devin at the closed Frantone’s, let’s go to him to see what we what he and concern students have to say.

Devin Carillo: Here I am at the closed Frantone’s along with this location the perfect timing and Cassie’s Corner on campus are dormant this has caused concern for students wondering whether they’re going to get the variety we once had back, and if these locations are ever going to be opened or replaced.

Peyton: If Frantone’s isn’t going to open or things like that aren’t going to be operational you might as well replace them with something that people can actually access. I mean, there’s no use in an empty shop you know what I mean I know we have a Subway in the like the concession Center, that’s all the way over there, maybe something like that maybe a more recognizable brand. I mean, I have no problem with Frantones if it’s open, but if not maybe something like that maybe a sandwich shop.

Devin Carillo: As we have just heard students also have opinions on what options they would like to see possibly replacing these clothes locations, some students have vocalized their concerns revolving the variety of food that is being being served and want an environment that they are comfortable studying in.

Devin: If these locations were to be replaced by another establishment what other establishments would you like to see on campus.

Guadalupe: if it could be replaced I would like to see them replace it with something healthy.

Vicky: I’d love to see like another healthy place, like a healthy restaurant open here because I have medication and health issues, I have to have medically healthy food so much, so I’m limited to what is here, so the more we get something not really clean, healthy vegan type of foods.

Mijan: Just more options anywhere that’s quiet like say like a Starbucks, or any just anywhere that’s quiet where people could just go in there order something to drink and just do work.

Devin Carillo: On top of the concerns for these closed locations some students attend late in the day classes and are unable to dine on campus.

Vicky: [I eat] During open hours in the day time, I don’t take night classes, because there is no food available. You have to leave campus to go get something to eat, but sometimes you don’t have that kind of time you got to have. You can have two evening classes and only got enough time to get to the Starbucks line and it’s too damn long, and In and Out Burger the line be all out the way too long, the chipotle tastes too salty, what what you want us to do? You want us to have healthy strong brains and do our homework and exercise our Brain, and Namaste. But you got to give me something to sustain and maintain my brain.

Devin Carillo: While students can resort to dining off- campus it is strenuous for students with disabilities.

Vicky: Some people like I have are own medication [issues], I can’t walk far distances. so I really depend on like the Falcons Nest to get my healthier items, but I have to walk all the way over to Campus In, by the time I get back my my knees hurting I have to sit there and rest for a minute before I can come back to the other side of Campus or hop on the little cart with the guys with in construction, I mean custodial crew, you know but it hurts I’ll be in panting the next day.

Moses Lopez: To address these problems we have contacted Feilipe Lopez, Executive Vice President of Business services. And in a email: “He stated that our in-person student population on campus is still low compared to pre pandemic levels, however we have done everything possible to maintain the level of food service vendor. We are hopeful as our student population on campus grows we will be able to expand other food options on campus.”

Jahan Glez: He then directed us to Dr Elizabeth Miller dean of student affairs who followed up by informing us that we are “We are working on getting Cassidy’s Corner Cafe reopened this semester and are currently going through the approvals with the health department. Frantone’s will likely remain closed and the future of the contract will be determined by this fiscal year in June.”. So now we have Devin at Cassidy’s Corner, and he’s going to summarize what we can expect to happen for Campus Dining.

Devin Carillo: Here I am at the Cassidy Corner location which is said to open this semester by the Dean of Student Affairs there is no definite date or answer on what will happen to the Frantone’s and the Perfect Timing, only time will tell. This has been Devin Carillo, thank you for watching.

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