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Anime Talk Tv: Interview With Anime Club President & ICC Student Director Corey Gutierrez

Moises Lopez: All right it’s recording now, welcome to another segment of Talon Marks News podcast, my name is Moises Lopez cartoonist for the Talon Marks you’ve seen my work on the covers of each Talon Marks newspaper this semester and the Talon Marks Wings magazine out now in every building here at Cerritos College. With me is Corey Gutierrez. Corey would you like to introduce yourself?


Corey Gutierrez: Hi my name is Corey I’m the director of ICC that’s the inner Club Council but also I’m the president for Anime Club and with me I brought my one of the members Jackie Perez Enriquez.


Moises Lopez: Yeah yeah go ahead and introduce yourself Jackie hi I’m Jackie Perez Enriquez I’m the social media manager for the anime club.


Moises Lopez: Awesome, uh Corey here is also the president for the inter of director of the Cerritos College: Interclub council is that correct yeah yes uh this segment is for my TV production class in conjunction with Talent marks production team in this segment we’re going to be interviewing Cory here and asking him a series of questions about his passion and love for all things anime. All right so we got a few uh things lined up here um we’re going to be going straight to uh questions um first and foremost uh when did you get into anime and what were the the anime cartoons you were watching growing up Cory?


Corey Gutierrez: When I got I got into anime at 8 years old the first one I started was Dragon Ball my uncle was the one that introduced me it introduced it to me and like it was it was real it was real good and then he showed me like little clips of Naruto and other animes back then.


Moises Lopez: Cool, um, all right we’re going to go into the next question, what are your thoughts on the current state of anime and what do you think about the fandom of Ane and how it’s grown to be so popular.


Corey Gutierrez: Uh I believe like with the fandom like there are some toxic ones but there’s some that like they’re they build communities like where they help each other, they have understanding of certain enemies they’re open-minded but also like like anime right now it’s really blooming. Like I feel it’s one of those things where it’s blooming (and) everyone’s into it like other than music that’s like one of the top things people talk about.


Moises Lopez: Cool, um a lot of European based people they think that the Japanese eyes the (Anime) big eyes have to do with um you know “Japanese must like uh Europeans” and the big eyes that’s why they put big eyes in the cartoons themselves but uh from what my knowledge of it is that Osamu Tezuka just really liked the cartoon image, a lot of it like in Who framed Roger Rabbit where there was a Toon Town and all the tunes had big eyes they all look very similar to each other in a in a community. And that’s what he thought for the medium itself, is that all cartoons should pretty much have big eyes, is there anything you guys know about the origins of Anime that you want to let everybody know about?


Corey Gutierrez: Well for Origins I’m I don’t know that much about it, but I know like when it first came out like they were basing it a lot like on history and stuff like the I believe it’s the fireflies one, it was based on or I think Graveyard of the Flies?


Jackie Enriquez Perez: Graveyard of the fireflies.


Corey Gutierrez: Yeah Graveyard of the fireflies. Yeah that covered a pretty, yeah it was about like World War II yeah yeah yeah like I feel like when it first came out it was like it it was mainly like underground stuff, so like when the big guys came out that’s when it started popping out more because it was more like for everyone to relate to, like it didn’t seem so much more as history but it felt more like a like a cartoon like like people could relate to it or like people saw joy in it because like the the fireflies one like it’s real like it’s real depressing. Because if you watch it like it’s it’s basically after World War II.


Moises Lopez: I believe I wanted to ask you one more um can you give your thoughts as authentically as possible about what anime club can do better possibly new ideas for Corey and the group and what you want to see Anime Club become?


Jackie Enriquez Perez: I mean I definitely want to see you know more participation with a lot of the members because we do have a very um big group like on the online side of things, or at least like getting communicating through like the Instagram um but I mean otherwise I think that you know go looking forward for the Anime club I don’t really have too many suggestions on Corey’s side, he’s been doing a really good job of like coordinating things and at least getting things prepared for as the days kind of come and go.


Moises Lopez: Cool, all right uh thank you Jackie,


Corey Gutierrez: For that um, or other groups that they hang out with or discuss it’s cool.


Moises Lopez: How do you feel the Spring Carnival event went I know you were getting pulled around to different areas but why primarily stay around Anime Club?


Corey Gutierrez: Well I stayed around Anime Club mostly it was cuz like even though I’m in charge of all the clubs and I did do my rounds here and there to check up on every Club well I’m also the president of Anime Club so like I had to make sure that like the club was running well and and if they need a break I could take over like for a few minutes.


Moises Lopez: cool yeah yeah um yeah I noticed that I noticed that you were getting pulled into areas but you always found your way back to Anime Club. how about uh anything you want to add anything else to this interview um anything specifically about anime um I know anything about your brother, you mentioned that you guys are different about what kind of Animes you like um but both of you are both motivated anything you want to say about you being motivated by Anime of you know to the end this interview.


Corey Gutierrez: Oh well by Anime I was motivated more like to push like to be because like for example like from my different aspect on to and I I looked at his philosophy of leadership styles and like it pushed me like to look at different philosophies of different characters but also like different aspects of perceptions and views of that you could see in anime characters themselves.


Moises Lopez: Armin?


Corey Gutierrez: Erwyn, so like he have one and then he’s he’s still stuck by like even though like like he lost his friend and all through that like yeah like it it shows you like it show so many aspects for me like of ways to grow as a character got it yeah yeah.


Moises Lopez: One last thing I want to thank Corey and Jackie and the TalonMarks News team, this has been a very rewarding experience, we covered alot about the phenomenon that we all know and love which is Anime. I also put, all hail Goku and Master Itachi San just for humour. Any last thoughts before we go?


Corey Gutierrez: I’d like to thank TalonMarks for this podcast and I hope to do more with you guys soon.


Moises Lopez: More Collaborations?


Corey Gutierrez: More Collaborations.


Moises Lopez: Awesome, thank you.


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