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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

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Puck Talk episode 3

Ryan Getzlaf retires as the Anaheim Ducks fall to the St.Louis Blues 7-3 Photo credit: Alfredo Menjivar
Ryan Getzlaf retires as the Anaheim Ducks fall to the St.Louis Blues 7-3 Photo credit: Alfredo Menjivar


Alfredo: Hello, everyone, welcome back to Puck Talk. I’m your host, Alfredo Menjivar. Today I’ll be using Dreamz with a Z by ProdbyMX. That is P, R, O, B, D, Y, M, X, Dreamz with a z.

Now, Getzlaf played his final NHL game the past Sunday. What an emotional an emotional night that was for so many people, the fans, the league, the franchise Getzlaf and his family, but it’s it’s really cool.

Now I’m just going to jump right into the game. The game was really interesting because the Blues, they only had not only had, but they had eight shots on goal and the Ducks didn’t have any yet.

But the Ducks in the first shot on goal gave them a goal. And then they came up with another goal in two more shots. So they’re leading to nothing more being out played by the Blues. And they ended up at the end of the period 2-0.

The second period and was a different story, came back with four goals. That is a hard one to swallow right there. They came up with four goals in that one period.

Pardon me. When they scored that fourth goal, I immediately knew that’s probably going to be it because the Ducks were outplayed the whole game, the whole game, and they weren’t getting any better.

The first two goals by the Ducks. The first two goals by the Ducks came from Max Comtois and Gerald Mayhew in the first two, and then Adam Henrique got the last one.

Assisted by Ryan Getzlaf himself, which was pretty fitting too, because Getzlaf, he’s a good goal scorer, but he is a really good playmaker. He’s a way better playmaker than he is a scorer.

And the play he made to Henrique was incredible. Behind the back. No look pass to give the Ducks a three or at least to give them their third goal in a 6-3 loss to the St. Louis Blues.

As disappointing that game was for Anaheim, I mean, I didn’t really I couldn’t really see the Ducks winning that game, I’m going to be realistic. I couldn’t see winning that game as much as I wanted them to win.

I couldn’t see them and they didn’t because the Ducks they have. They haven’t been playing good since the All-Star break. Ever since after the All-Star break.

And that’s one thing I don’t understand with the Ducks, what happened this season, they were playing really good. They hadn’t had many injuries.

They were one of the year, I believe, second in the Pacific Division and they just dropped dramatically. All the way down almost to the last place in the Pacific. I couldn’t believe that. I was really hoping they’re going to win it.

Yeah, well, your division, which was interesting because at the time the Kings were out of the is there a way out of the playoff spot and I was hoping, ok, whatever and I believe the Kings would end up going to the eighth seed since I was like, ok.

I really want the Kings to make the playoffs with that eighth spot and I want the Ducks to win the division, if they can and it was a complete flip flop.

The Kings, they’re really catching up to the Calgary Flames, or excuse me the Edmonton Oilers. But this game is about Ryan Getzlaf and the Ducks.

Sorry, I got a little off track there, but I think I was saying the Ducks. Yeah, this is a pretty disappointing season, or at least second half of the season. They definitely could have done better, which was really weird because in the first period, like I said to they were leading 2-0 with just three shots on goal, 2-0 on three shots on goal.

Why didn’t they play something like that in the second half of the season? Like why? They had good momentum, they had a really good momentum, they were they were going to possibly win the division title and they blew it completely.

Now going to Getzlaf. He got to leave on his own terms, which is which is really cool. He, I don’t remember him having any major injuries because I didn’t really watch him too much. I watch mainly Kopitar the Kings.

I watched a little bit of the Ducks games to like the Ducks, too, but I watch mainly Kopitar and the Kings, but not to my knowledge. As far as I can remember, I didn’t I don’t remember him having any injuries, which I’m sure he has, because at least every player he gets goes through it.

But he didn’t have any injuries that forced him to retire. He wanted to retire so he can spend more quality time with his family, and his kids, which is really good, because right now his kids are still like literally kids like 10 years old or under.

And that’s cool, because I’m sure a lot of athletes they, I’m sure every athlete, they don’t have much time to spend with their kids because they’re constantly on the road and constantly playing games.

That’s really cool because I seen he has four kids and it was really funny too, because they showed him the Jumbotron in Anaheim I wasn’t there, but they showed on TV that his his kids came up with it to-do-list with what he what they want Ryan to do.

And the biggest thing that they came up with was skydiving for him to do. And I remember I don’t remember the exact words I’m paraphrasing here, but I think their kids said, see you home daddy or something.

So, like, it’s kind of like a point of telling that they’re going to torture him. And test his parenting. I’m sure he’s a good parent, just going to mess with them, which was pretty funny.

But that was quite an emotional night, really, really emotional. I couldn’t believe that Getzlaf played his last game, like it reminds me when Kobe Bryant played his last game in 2017 or 2016 I believe. Oh, yes it was 2016 my bad.

Because Kobe Bryant, well, he got he couldn’t really leave on his own terms. He had to retire because he had a lot of injuries and he was really tired.

Well, it was pretty cool because it was cool because again, he got to he gets to spend more time with his kids and his his daughters are still very young and his oldest is Natalia.

I don’t remember how old she was at the time but still very young, just 13 years old. I don’t remember and his other daughters are so very small.

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Alfredo Menjivar, Sports Editor
Alfredo Menjivar is the sports editor for Talon Marks. Alfredo loves watching ice hockey, specifically the Los Angeles Kings. He wishes to transfer to Cal State Long Beach to pursue his career of being a sports/hockey writer and possibly play hockey for the university of his hometown.
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