Falcon Games: the final week

The Cerritos College Falcon Games starts off the last week Monday, April 14 with tons of fun for everyone.

The clubs participating in the Falcon Games gathered around the field behind the Student Center where they competed in the final event of the Falcon games, a fun, yet, challenging obstacle course, including giant hamster balls and a bouncy house type obstacle.

ASCC member and candidate for the student trustee position, Joe Nino, explains how different the Falcon Games are this year as opposed to last year.

“I rewrote the Falcon games this year to make it a little more fair because a lot of people were complaining. We had a little more money on our budget so I looked into getting this inflatable raceway and obstacle course. It was fun, a lot of people had a great time,” he said.

Last year the Falcon Games was three days. One day for video games, the physical games on another day and then the academic decathlon. It was all in the same week.

This year, the first week was video games, the second week was the academic decathlon and the final week is the physical games.

The obstacle course was left in the field for other students to enjoy untill 4:30 p.m.
Many students appreciated effort that Cerritos College put in getting their students involved.

Kinesiology major, Rico Martinez, feels that the school has done a very good job with grabbing the students attention and getting them involved.

“I just saw this and I thought it looked like fun so I joined in. I think it’s pretty interactive and it seems really good for people coming here. If people aren’t aware, then this will bring attention and make them get into it.”

Game design major, Immer Martinez, liked the course so much that they decided to volunteer and look over the other students as they participated in the fun.

“In the morning, they had people volunteer in the beginning and I volunteered because it looked fun,” Martinez said. “I actually enjoy seeing stuff like this every once in a while. To know that it’s available for the public to use for those who don’t have time or money to do stuff like ride in an inflatable ball or play in a bounce house, (it’s) cool.”

Participating in the fun of the Falcon Games is a great way to interact with the school and relieve stress.

The attractions that ASCC set up for clubs are later open to the public for participation.