Life of the returning student No. 2

Patrick Dolly and Patrick Dolly

It seems at times as if professors are not as understanding to the struggles of returning students as they are to the struggles of students to the college system.

It’s hard to keep up sometimes.

It’s not difficult to ask questions, and it is not difficult to honestly admit that I don’t understand some of the things that the professors are teaching.

The problem is that it is very easy to feel out of touch with reality.

The last thing that I want is to look as if I am not capable of keeping up with the rest of the class, but I sometimes find myself wondering if the collegiate curriculum was created with any consideration for the older students.

Take math for example. It has been years since the majority of mathematic equations have been at the forefront of my mind, so it is so much more difficult to retain the information.

It is embarrassing being 15 years older than most of my classmates and even more embarrassing feeling like the professors are not understanding to the needs that I have in class.

Not that I expect any special treatment, but it would be awesome to have a sense of security in knowing that I can make mistakes without feeling as if I am a burden.

I am sure that my professors don’t view me that way, but it is a concern at times.

It goes back to that fast-paced environment that seems ever so present in class.

As returning students, we desire to be on an equal playing field as our classmates, but maybe the time that we have been away from school hinders that reality.

Is it a bad thing if someone is returning to school and needs a bit of extra attention?

It is possible that in the time since we were last in school that school related subjects have changed.

It is possible that methods of teaching have changed. It is possible that technology has changed.

The experience in general is an amazing one, but there are times when it seems extremely overwhelming.