Being a community college student is not a let down

The attitude toward a community college experience begins with the motivation to succeed, and an attitude of discouragement will bring a student down because of their dwelling on why they should have transferred sooner.

Students have the opportunity to take school slow and see what careers are available to us and work hard to prove themselves.

They are able to learn how to manage their education, jobs, as well as their social life, and this experience of living “the real life” as opposed to going to the university–with the only focus being school–really adds an edge to the average college student.

Fees grow higher (and higher), but they still do not compare to the prices that universities demand.

It’s a give and take situation. It takes more time for students to get a degree, but in exchange, they save thousands of dollars.

Community colleges offer quality professors, many of whom also teach at universities as well.

Sometimes, students are one class away from transferring, but for some horrible reason, that specific class fills up.

Although sympathetic to these students’ situations, they overlook the actual opportunity to be educated–a privilege that many people around the world don’t have.

Students who come from foreign countries pay extra money, work through their language barrier, and many succeed in the courses.

This is a clear sign of gratefulness to our education system.

It is just embarrassing to hear students drop or fail half of their classes, and then listen to them complain that community college has “let them down.”

If students keep taking classes without dropping or failing, their enrollment dates will eventually get better.