Cash or debit?

Having to use your credit or debit card in school is a much better option and is easier to manage. Not worrying about how much cash is in your pocket can relieve anxiety.

Technology has grown throughout the ages. Debit and credit cards have been a big hit in recent years.

Nobody really carries cash around anymore. Having cash around creates a messier pocket or wallet with change and loose money thrown around.

In addition to having loose money in your pocket, being in a hurry can cause money to be lost.

Sometimes not having the correct amount of cash can lead to not getting the equipment needed for that day (for example: paying parking, buying books, or getting food and snacks).

The easiest thing to do is swipe your card and go on with your day.

Cerritos College should have more availability of parking machines with credit card usage and have more machines with credit accessibility.

Having more credit usage will make students’ lives a lot easier as they will not be struggling about having the correct amount of cash or putting it away while being in a rush to go to class.

I feel as if having cash on me will make me look messier and cause me to have a messier wallet–as well as having all my money all over the place.

The fact that credit cards have been in the system has made lives easier and has made access to money simpler without it being lost.

Students should not be forced to carry cash around school because there are not many machines on campus that have access to credit cards such as the machine for the daily parking permit.

There is only one credit card machine in parking lot C, and at times, there is a big line of students trying to get their daily parking permits.

Using credit cards is a just an overall better option than using cash.