Paying college athletes is bad

Four big-name players come to mind that got suspended because they took money under the table feeling that they deserved to get paid before going pro.

They are Terrelle Pryor, Dez Bryant, Chris Webber and Marcus Camby.

There has been so much talk the last few months on whether or not Division-I college athletes should get paid or not.

They should not get paid. On top of everything they already get what other college students do not.

College athletes already get free tuition, and also special treatment for class registration, and also extra help on making sure they pass their class so they can play on game day.

Does the NCAA make money off of a lot of these players?

Yes they do, but let’s be honest it is mostly the star players and they usually go in the draft of their respected sports, typically football or basketball.

Paying one sport means that they would have to pay every other sport in college and it’s not worth it.

Yes people come to see sports like track and field, volleyball, etc. but they don’t generate as much funds.

They come from the basketball and football athletes. Nobody is even talking about paying other sports other then the main two.

Once they start paying them and not paying other sports there will be a huge revolt and there will be a bigger problem then they already have.

Should the NCAA not hammer out so many fines or suspensions when an athlete goes out and makes money on their jersey or autograph or boosters help them get money.

Maybe not, but to literally give them a salary would be ludicrous and most schools would go bankrupt.

There are 346 Division-I colleges in the United States and every one is required to have at least seven sports for men and women.

So just imagine how much money schools would end up losing if they had to pay all of their atheltes.