Fall: Season of the year

It is without a doubt that fall is the best season of the year from the changing colors of the leaves to the smell of pumpkin pie and cinnamon lattes.

The yellow, orange and brown colors of the season just give off that warm feeling inside your body.

Feeling the wind blow through your hair and listening to the rustling of the leaves is just such a calm and serene feeling.

Nature is just so beautiful at this time of the year! There are pumpkins and pine cones and multi-colored leaves everywhere that you go.

The foods isn’t half bad either!

The smell of the warm, juicy turkey on Thanksgiving and the sweet, delicious pumpkin pie that makes your stomach growl as soon as the smell hits your nose is one of the best feelings ever.

Just thinking about it. It makes you drool a little.

And you can eat while you watch football, the best sport there is.

You can yell and scream at the television all day and get all decked out in your team’s hats and jerseys.

Speaking of clothes, the best part of fall is the wardrobe. There’s nothing like pulling out your favorite sweater and bundling up with a nice scarf, a beanie and some boots.

In the summer, there’s only so much you can take off to keep yourself cool in the heat.

In the winter, you look like Frosty the Snowman covering yourself in multiple layers of clothes.

Spring is gloomy and rainy all season, so you’re pretty much just in a raincoat and rain boots all season.

Fall weather is a happy medium. It’s warm with a nice, cool breeze coming through every now and again.

The weather is perfect for celebrating some of the best holidays ever.

Halloween is probably the most fun holiday because it is a time where kids and adults can both dress in costumes and eat candy.

Then, there’s Thanksgiving where you can eat as much as you want without being judged because everyone else is pigging out too. Life doesn’t get better than that.

All of this fun and flavor in one season makes fall a season that should be appreciated by everyone.