War is dumb, it’s time to grow up

War is the outcome of grown men not being able to act maturely.
Prisoner of war encampment in Korea during the Korean War.
Prisoner of war encampment in Korea during the Korean War.
Navy Medicine

No one should be drafted, in fact, war should not happen, it is childish and people should work things out instead of resorting to war.

If we think that war is the answer to anything, there are things we have to work on. It affects humanity physically and psychologically and I don’t get why we would think it is a good idea.

War is what country leaders resort to when they can’t resolve conflicts like civil people. People being drafted and losing their lives is not fair and not a price they should pay for the problems in our countries that aren’t worked out.

At the end of the day, people are taken from their families just because grown men can’t get along or agree with each other.

I have never understood the point of wars. They teach us about them in school and I’ve always just questioned why. Like why can’t we just agree peacefully?

It’s crazy that people think that to be heard, they have to hurt each other, It just doesn’t make sense.

It is never deep enough for us to think war is the answer to anything. If we can all just grow up and talk things out like mature adults everything would be better for everyone.

People who think wars are a good idea should stop being chosen to run a country if they cannot act like responsible grown-ups.

Cities are destroyed, families are torn from each other, bombing, shortages of food and consumer products and death are effects of wars.

We know this, we know of the effects that WWI and WWII caused, yet we want this to happen again. For what?

The world and morals have changed and even though every day we are still fighting for a peaceful world, we cannot move forward if we return to the actions we took in the past.

It’s traumatic for everyone and though it has not necessarily been confirmed, if war has happened before, it could happen again. It’s hard to believe considering the past two wars happened years ago but people of capable of anything.

There is so much evil in the world that some people lust for blood and want a war to break out as it will allow them to rebel.

War should not be ethically justified especially when it puts everyone in danger and fear. It is the last resort but that doesn’t outweigh the evil that comes when war breaks out.

Ultimately war is supposedly made with the right decision to bring peace, but how is that peace? if we want peace we should start by not throwing out threats when things don’t go as we please.

So no, I don’t think women nor men should be drafted. Everyone should shake hands and move on with their lives. Everyone go burn some sage.

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