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Oakland falls victim to Vegas once again

Jonathan Diaz
The city of Oakland with the Athletics logo faded in front of it.

The Oakland A’s are facing a similar fate like former Oakland based teams After the city and the A’s failed to reach any type of agreement in a meeting for a new stadium.

This comes after the Golden State Warriors moved to Chase center in San Francisco in 2019 and the Raiders moved to Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas in 2020 with the A’s being the towns only sports team.

Fans are rightfully angry with A’s owner John Fisher calling him cheap for not wanting to pay for the team’s new stadium alone despite the fact being worth three billion dollars putting him in the top 10 richest owners in the MLB.

The fans of the Oakland A’s had enough with John Fisher’s cheapness that they came together in protest in hopes that John Fisher would sell the team.

During the summer of 2023 the fans hosted a reverse protest by filling up the Oakland coliseum and protesting by wearing green “sell” shirts, cheering, and even staying away after the A’s game to throw trash into the field.

Fast forward to opening day for the A’s where over 13,000 Oakland A’s fans protested by organizing a block party outside the stadium.

The Block party was organized by Oakland 68 who are die hard fans who usually sit in right field bleachers.

The last dive bar was also hosting the block party at the parking lot. The last dive bar is a local apparel company that focuses on the history of the Oakland Coliseum and donates a portion of its profits to help the surrounding community.

The apparel company sold many clothing items in support of the protest including shirts, hoodies, and even bracelets.

However the bracelets have gotten an Oakland A’s Player in trouble. Oakland Athletics sent Esteury Ruiz to Minors despite starting the season hot and coming off an amazing rookie year.

Esteury Ruiz who led the league in batting hits with 72, doubles with 20, and triples with 10, so it was a big surprise when he went down to the minor league despite being one of the Oakland A’s best players.

However it’s now been confirmed that 2024 will be the A’s last season at Oakland with the team traveling to an hour and a half to West Sacramento until 2027 where they’re moving to Las Vegas being the second Oakland base team moving to Vegas alongside the Raiders.

The Oakland A’s are a storied franchise in the MLB. Hosting players such as Reggie Jackson, Jim Hunter, and Rickey Henderson on their roster in Oakland.

The Oakland A’s are tied with the Boston red sox with nine world series titles with the A’s being one of two MLB franchise to ever three peat along side with the New York Yankees winning three between 1972 to 1974 beating the Reds, the Mets, and the Dodgers to their three peat.

Since settling in Oakland in 1968 and having success in the town, it looked like The A’s would never move away from Oakland, but sadly that is not the reality to the situation anymore.


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Jonathan Diaz
Jonathan Diaz, Staff Writer
Jonathan Diaz is a staff writer for Talon Marks mainly covering sports. Outside of news reporting he enjoys watching movies. He plans to transfer to either Cal State Fullerton or Long Beach.
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  • D

    Disgruntled fanApr 30, 2024 at 6:31 pm

    The city and county leader’s share in the blame For losing another major league franchise. The common denominatare of these franchise leaving seems to be bigger money An opportunity. Football had one of the poorest owners leave for money. San Francisco Is a world class city So the?
    Warriors clicked their hills and went home. However the Athletics have been treated as a TAX write off by the last 2 owners. So the saying
    The thing that makes you laugh ,will make you cry… Moneyball.

  • S

    Stephanie LeeApr 30, 2024 at 5:47 am

    Very well written, I actually don’t follow sports, but the article was so interesting, I read the entire piece!