Gonzalez reflects on athletic career


Men’s soccer assistant coach Louie Gonzalez observes the team during scrimmage at practice.

One is often told that if you work hard and stay focused, success will eventually be reached. That definitely seems to be the case for Louie Gonzalez, assistant coach for the men’s soccer team at Cerritos College.

Although Gonzalez is only in his second year as an assistant coach at Cerritos College, he has already enjoyed success as part of the soccer team during the 2008-2009 school year.

“As an athlete, I had two great years,” he said. “I just came in with the mentality that I had to help out the program.”

During his first year, he received awards for most goals scored, most assists and was voted an All-American. His second year netted him another All-American award and National Player of the Year.

“All those awards gave me the motivation to return the following year,” Gonzalez said, referring to his second year at Cerritos.

“The hard work paid off,” he added.

After his Cerritos College career, he transferred to Cal Poly Pomona. He played two years there and received a few first team CCA awards and recognitions.

He landed a professional contract with the Los Angeles Blues, coming out of Cal Poly Pomona.

Although he claimed he didn’t get too much playing time, he said that this was the time where coaching started becoming a passion for him.

“Around that period, I spent my time learning the coaching side of soccer and I liked it. That’s why I’m here, to get even further coaching knowledge.”

He added, “I came here as an assistant coach for my love for the game. I really wanted to stick with soccer.”

Gonzalez seems to be building a good rapport with his players.

Freshman Alejandro Nunez said, “He works well with athletes. He’s a cool guy.”

Cerritos College men’s head soccer coach Benny Artiaga thinks highly of Gonzalez from his playing days.

“Not only was he team captain, National Player of the Year and an All-American, but he was my hardest worker. When you have all those attributes, you want him around your guys. You want him training them.”

Gonzalez said, “There’s a lot of good memories thinking back on all those years and what I did. I try to pass this knowledge on to all these kids.”

Gonzalez aspires to be a head coach one day for any program. He is still currently attending Cal Poly Pomona in an effort to gain his master’s degree in sociology with an option in criminology.