Rugged defense gets job done

Efficient defense was the factor thought freshman goalkeeper Thomas Yeandle in the men’s soccer team’s 4-0 win against El Camino Compton-Center at home Friday, Oct. 4.

“It was excellent. We were super strong on defense and that made everything else easy. We were really quick out on midfield.”

The team now holds a 6-2-1 record overall, and with this win, now has a 2-0 conference record.

“We picked it up and made it an effort to play hard. We got our result,” freshman defender Esteban Alvarado said.

It was slow first half in the game, but the second half picked up the pace as the first goal was netted in with the first 40 minutes of game time.

“We were pretty solid all-around,” sophomore midfielder Jose Espinoza said. “It was a team effort and it started on defense. That’s where everything started. When we start working from the bottom, it carries out throughout the rest of the team.”

He added, “We could have scored earlier and opened out the field.”

Although the team was dominant in this win, there were still takeaways as Espinoza noted. Most prominently being lackluster finishing on the offensive end and transition.

“We could have transitioned and knocked the ball out faster, but other than that, everything else was pretty spot on,” Yeandle said.

Added Alvarado, “We could have improved on finishing, defense was well, but finishing needed some work.”

The team seeks to build off this performance with a home game against El Camino College Tuesday, Oct. 8 at 2 p.m.