Falcons hope to break more records this season

Briana Hicks, Campus Life Editor

Last year, Cerritos women’s swimming team, finished fourth at the South Coast Conference Championships.

The Falcons defeated the hosting Huskies by 15 points, with a final score of 413, Falcons, and 398 Huskies.

This year head coach Sergio Macias is sticking to his innovative idea to help prepare the team for this upcoming season.

“I will continue to challenge and encourage our group to push each other at practice and create a competitive environment in order to help our overall performance,” Macias said.

For the first time at the South Coast Conference Championships, community colleges competed in 200-yard events.

Sophomore Amanda Loya, was one of two swimmers that broke conference record.

The Falcons secured fourth place with the help of their teammates, Celeste Ibarra and Stephanie Alfaro, who had personal best times in the 200-yard butterfly.

Alfaro finished in fifth place with 2:35.27, while Ibarra finished behind her with 2:37.78.

Freshman Valeria Barboza, felt that as a team everyone could be better than last year’s results.

She said, “We probably could improve our skills a little more so we can actually get further in our league or conference.”

Barboza expressed that the team has a lot of fast girls.

She believes she can contribute to help the team get better this year by putting up more points at meets.

Macias said, “All we can do is be prepared to compare for the first time this season.”

He also acknowledged two swimmers, Sarah Orozco and Channon Owens, whom he believes will be a force during this season for the team.

Macias said with enthusiasm that this year he has a great bunch of ladies who not only support one another, but they’ve
created a positive team environment.