Now everybody will soon be calling Inglewood home

Terrel Emerson

January 12, 2016 will forever be a date that is remembered by Los Angeles natives all across the city. It may even extend to all of Southern California.

This was when the St. Louis Rams were approved to move to Los Angeles after a 30-2 vote by the National Football League owners.

Because many people were unsure of the move, the Rams are forced to play two seasons in the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. Not to mention the team is sharing the stadium with the USC Trojans.

Just this past weekend, the city of Inglewood began breaking ground on the Rams’ new stadium in Inglewood. In case you’ve been living under a rock, the team’s new stadium will be in the exact spot as the old Hollywood Park racetrack.

First of all, that venue was something that was more than just a place where horse races took place. Me and my dad used that venue as a place of solitude.

Often times we would go there and not say a word to each other on the way there, while we were there and on the way back. But that is a story for another time.

Now since the announcement of the relocation of the Rams, the entire city of Inglewood has been under construction. Granted some slight construction was underway prior to the move.

But what stands out to me is how now all of a sudden everyone cares about the city of Inglewood. However, just one year ago, the city couldn’t even get potholes in the street fixed.

What makes it even more annoying is many people are going to come down to the city and call it their own.

Yet, it’s not. Inglewood belongs to the people who lived in the city before the city was glorified to what it will be in the next two years.

Inglewood has made some major improvements to some of the major landmarks around the city. The fabulous Forum is back up and running. By the way, if you can’t tell me what color The Forum was before the scarlet red it is now, do not claim the city as your own.

In fact, I was at The Forum when the seats were wooden.

In addition to The Forum, the Hollywood Park Casino received a huge makeover and it was much needed. Furthermore, the renovations for Hollywood Park were discussed for many, many years before anything was done.

What bothers me more than anything is the fact that now the beautiful city of Inglewood is just now getting the attention is so rightfully deserves after years of neglect solely on the fact that a new team has come to town.

Regardless of what team is here or what team is not here the city of Inglewood will always mean more to me than just some team.