Off The Field: Win big on the FoxBet Super 6 app.

Isaiah Lonvelin, Staff Writer

The FoxBet Super 6 app is a new quick and easy way for anyone to start betting on games of there choosing.

The best thing about this app is all you need is your phone number, then you are on your way to win some money.

The app came out in September 2019 when football legend, Terry Bradshaw, promised whoever picked the right six football teams and their score, will win $250,000 of his own money.

The app then only had the National Football League for betting.

Now in 2020 they have football, basketball, hockey, baseball, NASCAR and other sports for fans to be able to win up to $25,000 weekly for guessing all ten questions right for each individual sport.

It has made the app more fun since before all it had was football games. Now you can pick from three different sports to have a chance to win

They had even added one for the presidential debate for you to bet on what were the candidates going to talk about during the debate or what was the first question going to be for $25,000.

For the NFL Sunday Challenge, Terry Bradshaw has raised the prize up to $1million of his own money to the person who guesses correctly in the challenge.

In retrospective if you are a sports fan or not, download this app immediately. It is free!

Weekly, your chances of winning $25,000 dollars are high and even winning the Sunday challenge is still high for anybody who gets the right picks.

You do not even have to put in your money to be able to participate in any of the challenges. That best thing anyone wants is to save money.

When told about this app from a family member, it was suspicious since half of the betting apps you have to pay for.

But seeing that it had 4.8 stars in the app store and is free, you cannot put a price on that making a simple decision that this app was worth it.

The process is super easy. You have to be at least 18-years old to play.

After you confirm your age, type in your phone number to get the verification code

All it took was at least a minute.

It is no hassle inputting all your information like in other apps. Just put your phone number, then go straight to making a decision on who will win for the week.

It sends alerts to your phone, so you do not have to keep going back, and checking if what you picked was right.

If you do not follow any sports mentioned, still download the app. You could have a family member help you out if you are lost and maybe split the money with them if you win.

A neat thing that is on the app is playing with friends. You can put your friends or family members on the app and compete against them making some friendly competition.

Just last week, some of my family were competing during the World Series and Sunday football to see how many picks they could get right.

About 4 weeks ago a 52-year old woman, widowed of four children, won the Sunday challenge of $100,000 for picking the correct six teams.

She just downloaded it for the presidential debate, but decided to just randomly pick football teams since they always liked to bet on games with each other.

It is fun to play with your friends and family to see how each other does over the week.

All in all, you should download this app if you have not yet.

Being able to have a chance to win some money without actually betting can go along way if you win. Either way this app is meant to have fun.

It is a nice feeling either way to see how good your picks were over the week playing on this app.