Women’s soccer wins first game


Falcon Mia Ramirez is kicking the ball towards the field. The game ended with Falcons winning 7-1. Photo credit: Nicholas Johnson

Nicholas Johnson

The Falcons Women’s Soccer team had their first home game on Tuesday, Sept. 12 against San Diego Miramar College.

Having won the state championship five consecutive years and ranked top 10 in the state as of 2017, the team played as expected.

The game started off slow in the beginning of the first quarter but they picked up the pace approximately 10 minutes in as Itzel Ballesteros and Alixzandra Evans scored the Facon’s first two points.

Miramar had a hard time picking up the pace to catch up to the Falcons.

The Falcons scored two more points in the last 15 minutes of the first quarter.

Once the teams were given a fifteen minute break with a score of four to zero, the coaches were encouraging the women and pushing them harder to do better and cooperate as a team by giving them advice and giving them constructive criticism.

Mia Ramirez, a forward position, said “I think we did really [well] as a team together and the intensity was really good. There [were] some shots we didn’t finish but the opportunities that we got put us in the goal.”

The second half kicked off with Brittany Reyes and Elizabeth Mendez scoring two more points for the team, which made the score six to zero.

San Diego Miramar eventually scored one point after having trouble communicating effectively as a team.

Towards the last five minutes, Falcons scored an additional point which changed the final score seven-to-one.

Brittany Reyes, forward position said, “We did really well even though we were up by a lot, we still wanted to score more and just keep it competitive and play with our hearts.”

Tiffany Vargas, right defense said, “We did really good on passing, kept fighting until the game was over and interacted well during the game.”

All three team players mentioned how the team chemistry is there due to bonding with one another and going on trips such as Lake Tahoe and Sacramento for their soccer sessions; they were able to forge a relationship with each other.

The team really put their minds, time and energy into this game, says the three main players.

Ruben Gonzalez, Head Coach, mentioned that he feels like the team needs to play with more energy and enthusiasm and the team was complacent majority of the game.

Their lead overall is three-zero-one, which is great for their actual first game due to all training and effort they put after their first two practice games.

There will be another soccer game coming up on Friday, Sept. 15 at Los Angeles Pierce College at 4 p.m.

They will have another home game on Wed. Sept. 20th against Fresno City College.

The season just started and Brittany and Tiffany said they have hope that the team continues to work together and do the best they can in order to improve on mistakes that were made as a team.