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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

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Health Care discussed at Board of Trustees meeting

Jim Brannon and Jim Brannon November 8, 2011

Cerritos College employees express concern about their health care on Nov. 2 before the Board of Trustees in the Cheryl A. Epple Board Room, days before the Calif. deadline to switch their health care...

El Camino freshman Kevin Alfaro hanging in the air after launching the ball toward Cerritos goal. Cerritos defense held El Camino to 1 shot on its goal at the end of the first half.

[Photo] Men’s soccer shuts out El Camino in conference play

Philip Okoli and Philip Okoli October 31, 2011

El Camino freshman Kevin Alfaro hanging in the air after launching the ball toward Cerritos' goal. Cerritos' defense held El Camino to 1 shot on its goal at the end of the first half.

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Master plan discussed in campus forum

Jim Brannon and Jim Brannon October 19, 2011

Pete Moye'News Button The second and final Facilities Master Plan Campus Forum, which informs the public on the update, led to a dialogue about the aesthetic implications of the new plan and took place...

El Camino freshman Kevin Alfaro hanging in the air after launching the ball toward Cerritos goal. Cerritos defense held El Camino to 1 shot on its goal at the end of the first half.

[Photo] Falcons win low scoring game against El Camino

Stephanie Romero and Stephanie Romero October 7, 2011

El Camino freshman Kevin Alfaro hanging in the air after launching the ball toward Cerritos' goal. Cerritos' defense held El Camino to 1 shot on its goal at the end of the first half.

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Internatonal Student Association latest tea time celebrates Spain

Jim Brannon and Jim Brannon September 29, 2011

Pete Moye'News Button Business major Manny Mendez visited his parents' home country of Spain when he was 13 years old, and was surprised at the time to find that the fast food company McDonald's served...

Sept. 29, 2011 – Page 6 – Arts

Jim Brannon and Jim Brannon September 29, 2011

Sept. 29, 2011 Page 6 Click image to see full pdf.

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Student Success Center receives funding from Vintage Cerritos

Jim Brannon and Jim Brannon September 26, 2011

The Student Success Center received $600,000 in funding from revenues amassed from Vintage Cerritos. Vintage Cerritos, an establishment for senior housing and assisted living at the southwest corner of...

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New Facilities Master Plan calling for less renovations

Jim Brannon and Jim Brannon September 24, 2011

Pete Moye'News Button The “fragmentary memory” of the current Fine Arts Building, set for demolition in 2016, will live on in the form of a sound sculpture. “They will be able to take that memory...

Kyle Peko.

Family history drives Cerritos defensive tackle toward NFL future

Jim Brannon and Jim Brannon September 7, 2011

Pete Moye'Sports Button Family and football go hand-in-hand for defensive tackle Kyle Peko, not just because two of his cousins have played in the NFL, but because he grew up loving football. “When...

Naughty costumes turn females into characters

Jim Brannon and Jim Brannon September 4, 2011

Trick or treat, smell my feet, the only place on the body with an article of clothing. A disturbing trend is only gaining more steam, with young women opting to show skin on All Hallows' Eve. There was...

Child development major Broderick Woods talking to Cerritos College Curriculum Committee Chair Rich Cameron after the first meeting of the semester on Thursday, Aug. 25 in the Teleconference Center. Woods, who is an aspiring teacher and a dance choreographer at Cerritos, was asked by the committee last spring to return and he accepted the invitation.

Cerritos student represents peers by serving on College’s Curriculum Committee

Jim Brannon and Jim Brannon August 30, 2011

Students may have a difficult time finding classes lately, but one Cerritos student will be dealing with more than just 12 units this semester. Child development major Broderick Woods serves as the only...

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Use your financial aid wisely

Jim Brannon and Jim Brannon August 29, 2011

Pete Moye'Opinion Button Students across the nation and the state are struggling financially. With the current economic climate, education is often the first to be cut when deliberations take place on...

Dean positions offered, accepting applications

Jim Brannon and Jim Brannon August 20, 2011

Four Cerritos College dean positions are currently being offered to prospective applicants, four left vacant as a result of last year's Golden Handshake, until Sept. 22. Of the positions offered are the...

ReStore manager Scott Lee (left), reporter Gayle Anderson (center) and consultant Darren Moore film a live segment for KTLA 5 on Aug. 16. Habitat for Humanitys Norwalk ReStore just reached its first anniversary this month.

KTLA 5 visits Habitat for Humanity ReStore near campus

Jim Brannon and Jim Brannon August 17, 2011

The Habitat for Humanity ReStore was visited by KTLA 5 to film a live broadcast on Aug. 16. The ReStore facility is just across the street from Cerritos College on Alondra Boulevard. ReStore Manager...

Jbrannon – Hazardous waste collection

Jim Brannon and Jim Brannon July 11, 2011

The County of Los Angeles Household Hazardous and Electronic Waste Collection Program organized at Cerritos College for a free mobile collection from residents on July 9. The C-1 parking lot was expected...

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E-waste collected at Cerritos

Jim Brannon and Jim Brannon July 11, 2011

Pete Moye'News Button The County of Los Angeles Household Hazardous and Electronic Waste Collection Program organized at Cerritos College for a free mobile collection from residents on July 9. The C-1...

Faculty Senate addresses summer session

Faculty Senate addresses summer session

Jim Brannon and Jim Brannon May 11, 2011

"It's stupid, it doesn't make any sense. Get your shit together," Clayton Peters, a Cerritos College student attending Tuesday's Faculty Senate meeting, which concerned the 2011 summer session, said. The...

The Student Art Exhibit 2011 opens with a warm reception

Jim Brannon and Jim Brannon May 2, 2011

A painting of a jar containing a set of conjoined twins afflicted by the chemical Agent Orange with Da Vinci's "Vitruvian Man" upside down and bleeding in the background was just one of the many pieces...

Fair educates students about financial aid

Jim Brannon April 27, 2011

The Financial Aid Department hosted a Financial Aid Awareness Fair, which sought to educate students on how to apply for and receive aid through "4 Easy Steps to Cash," on April 25 in Falcon Square and...

All students need to grin and bear this unit fee increase

Jim Brannon April 4, 2011

Students at Cerritos College have been receiving education on the cheap for years, but that's all about to change. An increase in fees by $10 per unit this July will result in just $120 more for the average...

Aya Abelon collects shoes to donate to Japans victims.

Cerritos staff member collects shoes for Japan

Jim Brannon April 1, 2011

Aya Abelon, a public information officer at Cerritos College who was born in Japan, is collecting shoes to donate to Japanese people struggling in the aftermath of the 9.0 earthquake that occurred on...

Jbrannon – Nader vs. athletic scholarships (vic)

Jim Brannon April 1, 2011

The athletic scholarship has long stood as an example of the fulfillment of the American Dream. Young men and women, who excel in their respective sport, pouring hours and hours in, earn a free ride to...

Jbrannon – Japan quake wakes Cali. (vic)

Jim Brannon, Andrea Mora March 15, 2011

Japan experienced a 9.0 magnitude earthquake with an epicenter in the Pacific Ocean about 80 miles east of Honshu, the largest of Japan's islands, which created tsunamis that devastated Japanese coasts...

Anti-war activist visits Cerritos

Jim Brannon March 15, 2011

There was a packed house in the Teleconference Center to see anti-war activist Mike Prysner, who said on March 9 that he experienced a profound political transformation while serving in the U.S. Army...

Athletes shouldnt stay if they dont play

Athletes shouldn’t stay if they don’t play

Jim Brannon March 14, 2011

Athletes who make their run through the community college system often spend two to three years participating in their chosen sport, opting to redshirt in their final year if they please. If there has...

Cerritos’ latest construction is an eye-sore

Jim Brannon March 8, 2011

The newly-constructed Physical Sciences and Technology building is truly a sight for sore eyes. But do the artistic features have any scientific merit? Getting beyond face value, the educational purposes...

Female assaulted by ex-boyfriend

Jim Brannon February 23, 2011

A female Cerritos College student was assaulted on campus in parking lot C-2 by her ex-boyfriend on Feb. 17. According to Campus Police Department Chief Richard Bukowiecki, the suspect, Irving Romero, grabbed...

Students show off their style on television

Jim Brannon February 8, 2011

Cerritos College was visited by Mun2 (Mun Dos), Telemundo's sister network, to film a segment asking students about their fashion taste for the show "The Look" on Feb. 4. Crash Barrera, a host for Mun2,...

Committee discusses college budget solutions

Jim Brannon February 8, 2011

The Cerritos College Budget and Planning Committee held a meeting on Feb. 3 to brainstorm ideas to cut expenditures and generate revenue in the next fiscal year as community colleges statewide face a...

Jbrannon – Club Luncheon (brief)(vic)

Jim Brannon February 2, 2011

The Cerritos College Student Activities department held a luncheon for club advisers and officers on Feb. 1 in the Student Center to become familiar with one another. Amna Jara, coordinator of student...

Students’ healthcare at risk with rejection of new act

Jim Brannon January 23, 2011

"I'm on probation right now because I wanted to get healthcare." Kristen Connelly, who wanted to become a paralegal, is currently on academic probation at Long Beach City College after enrolling in classes...

Teacher TRAC extends deadline for students

Jim Brannon January 20, 2011

The Teacher Training Academy program, known commonly as Teacher TRAC, has extended its deadline for students to apply to Jan. 24 for the elementary pathway and Feb. 3 for the secondary and CTE (Career...

Seeking immortality at the cost of well-being

Jim Brannon January 13, 2011

Death is inevitable. Generation after generation, we experience death; uniquely as individuals and collectively as a species. However, the people of the 21st century may be awarded the option of extending...

Genocide exhibit changes perspectives

Genocide exhibit changes perspectives

Jim Brannon December 5, 2010

Pre-med major Bernice Flores wants to make an impact against genocide. "I guess people, when they think of genocide, think of what's barely happening from Darfur. "But just to see how much has already...

WiFi resolution passed

Jim Brannon November 29, 2010

The ASCC successfully passed a resolution last week to increase the wifi presence in the Learning Resource Center and the library. Freda Judie, business major, said, "Compared to last semester, I wasn't...

Annual Turkey Trot draws large crowd

Jim Brannon November 21, 2010

Near the end of the Thanksgiving Turkey Trot race, David Rodriguez, an administration of justice major, began calling out cadence to his fellow runners to rally them to the finish line in Falcon...

Universities returning to Cerritos for Mini Fair

Jim Brannon November 16, 2010

The Cerritos College Transfer Center will be holding a university mini fair on Thursday on the library sidewalk from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. The fair will host UC and Cal State representatives who will offer...

ASCC ready to vote on improving WiFi in the library

Jim Brannon November 15, 2010

The ASCC will vote on whether to provide funds for increased WiFi support in the library this up coming Monday. If passed, it will create two more WiFi hotspots in the LRC; so long as it does not exceed...

Campus Police in search of a new sergeant

Jim Brannon November 10, 2010

Cerritos College is now accepting applications to hire a sergeant for the campus police who would act as the first-line supervisor. Police Chief Richard Bukowiecki explained the responsibilities of the...

Students wait for cars to arrive by the new student drop-off zone. The new zone was constructed to improve safety and help decrease traffic congestion.

New drop-off zone available for students

Jim Brannon November 9, 2010

The new student drop-off zone on the north side of the Cerritos College campus was completed and put into use starting Nov. 3. Traffic controllers directed vehicles into the new one-way strip that was...

Author helps students prepare

Jim Brannon November 1, 2010

Cerritos College held a workshop at the Student Center last Friday hosted by Kathleen Gabriel, author of Teaching Unprepared Students: Strategies for Promoting Success and Retention in Higher Education,...

Cal State Long Beach is now extending the application period for all students who are ready to transfer.

CSULB opens spring transfers

Jim Brannon October 31, 2010

Walter Mendez, fashion design major at Cal State University Long Beach, is the envy of his peers who did not transfer from a community college. "In my experience, some of them look at me and...

Students from the economics club present their discussion on the Nov. 2 elections. The clubs members focused on Jerry Brown and Meg Whitmans plans for education.

Brown vs. Whitman discussed in Econ Club presentation

Jim Brannon October 26, 2010

Listen to Jim Brannon talk about the discussion on the next governor of California   In anticipation of Election Day, economics major Jit Singh shared his thoughts about Meg...

brannon – leadershipcon. Brief

Jim Brannon October 26, 2010

Applications for the ASCC Leadership Conference will be available at the Student Activities Office Monday at 9 a.m. The conference will take place at the Catamaran Resort Hotel in San Diego from Jan....

brannon – ShakeOut! 10/21`

Jim Brannon October 19, 2010

Practice makes perfect. Get ready to drop, cover, and hold on for The Great California Shake Out on Oct. 21 at 10:21 a.m. to help bring awareness to earthquake safety. Nearly eight million people...

Police operation catches texting drivers off guard

Jim Brannon, Laura Chau October 19, 2010

The Norwalk Sheriff's Department conducted a distracted driving operation at the intersection of Alondra Boulevard and Studebaker Road on Tuesday to bring awareness about cell phone usage while driving...

Whittier College Admissions Counselor Gabriel Chabaran assisted students like English major Natasha Majano during the University Mega Fair on Oct. 13. Representatives from various colleges and universities attended the fair to assist Cerritos students who are looking to transfer.

Mega fair welcomes reps from universities

Jim Brannon October 14, 2010

Listen to staff writer Jim Brannon talk to students about this event. Child development major Daisy Triana explored Falcon Square last Wednesday despite the heat; taking advantage...

Cerritos passes its budget before state budget approval

Jim Brannon October 12, 2010

Listen to Eduardo Iniguez talk about the budget. Cerritos College passed an adopted budget Oct. 6. Two days before the end of a historic 100-day delay of the California state budget...

L.A. Art Walk revived

Jim Brannon October 7, 2010

Listen to Jim talk about the incident about the Art Walk being canceled. Cerritos College artists have been impacted greatly as the Downtown Los Angeles Art Walk struggles to get...

Teachers told to enforce student drop policy

Jim Brannon October 6, 2010

"I got dropped out of one class this semester because I had to work the first day of class. I'm still trying to work out my schedule," said undecided major Alejandro Mendez, a student at Cerritos College...

brannon – FacultySenateBrief`(looked at by jimmy)

Jim Brannon September 28, 2010

A discussion concerning dropping students on the first day of class took place during the Faculty Senate meeting held yesterday in the Cheryl A. Epple Board Room. The Faculty was alerted that they can...

Cal Grant delay leaves students waiting

Jim Brannon September 24, 2010

Listen to audio The Financial Aid Department was not able to provide disbursements to Cerritos Students who were awarded Cal Grants for the Fall semester this past Friday as a result...

Members of the Cerritos College Library Club held their book sale on Sept. 20 and 21. Funds earned from the book sale help the club take part in other activities.

Library Club holds book sale fundraiser

Jim Brannon September 21, 2010

Books bind by the spine; they can also bind relationships together. Stephanie Tapia, a member of the Library Club, participated in activities put by the club, which included a book sale. "Actually, we're...

brannon – booksale

Jim Brannon September 21, 2010

The Library Club held a two-day book sale near the front of the north entrance of the Library from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Sep. 20 and 21. Books that were sold cost anywhere from $1-3. All the books were...

New textbook program assists disabled students

Jim Brannon September 20, 2010

Cerritos College students with print-related disabilities have been granted admission into the AccessText network, an online database which helps cuts down tremendously on lengthy translations into alternative...

CCM Secretary Benjamin Reyes serves a drink to political science major Veronica Leon. CCM and Puente held the Bicentennial ceremony to celebrate 200 years of Mexican independence.

Bicentennial celebration salutes Mexico’s independence

Jim Brannon September 20, 2010

Listen to Jim Brannon talk about the event and an interview with Benjamin Reyes The Puente Club and the Chicanos and Latinos for Community Medicine Club held a fundraiser during...

Mexican indepnendence day ceremony to be held on thursday

Jim Brannon September 14, 2010

An academic presentation about Grito de Dolores (Cry of Dolores), a key event that led to Mexican independence, took place Tuesday in the Teleconference Center. History professor Walter Fernandez...

Construction for the new student drop-off zone began on Sept. 13 and should end in December, according to Director of Physical Plant Robert Riffle.

Construction begins on drop off zone

Jim Brannon September 13, 2010

Cerritos College began construction on the north side of campus for a new student drop-off and pick-up zone in front of the Administration Building on Monday. It is a one-way drop-off stemming from the...

Workshop provides students with scholarship information

Jim Brannon August 31, 2010

Listen to audio Cerritos College held a scholarship workshop in the Business Education building Tuesday that was open to the public at no cost.   Veronica Castro, account technician...

Congresswoman’s internship program gives opportunity to local students

Jim Brannon August 29, 2010

The Congressional Internship Program offered by Congresswoman Linda Sanchez began Tuesday for a few selected students who will work with Sanchez at either the district office in Cerritos or Washington...

Scholarship workshop coming to Cerritos

Jim Brannon August 23, 2010

Cerritos College will be holding a scholarship workshop on August 31 from 2-3 p.m. in the business education building, BE 2, which will be open to the public at no cost.People who attend the workshop can...

Textbook rental kick-off fills bookstore to capacity

Jim Brannon August 18, 2010

Audio from the story Cerritos College students will be able to rent textbooks from the Cerritos College bookstore for the first time in the school's history starting this semester. The...

Textbook rental program kicks off

Jim Brannon August 17, 2010

Cerritos College students will be able to rent textbooks from the Cerritos College bookstore for the first time in the school's history starting this semester.The rental program has been put into place...

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