Talon Marks

The Pork Bahn Mie was one the most colorful and delicious dishes accompanied with a light and delicious kale salad that complimented the heat from the sriracha sauce.

OG Cannabis Cafe Review

December 4, 2019

Liz: My name is Elizabeth Corcoles and I am here with… Jasmine: Jasmine Rebecca: and Rebecca Liz: So we recently visited America's ori...

Coffee Talk: Bryan Singer must be taken down!

Eunice Barron, Co-Online Editor

February 13, 2019

The Hollywood Industry has a long history of pedophilia which has been kept as an open secret for a while in which is disgusting because this industry has allowed abuse for many decades towards young children and it must stop for good. The mainstream media does not address enough of Hollywood's pedophilia problem and how these predators are not stopped...

The Problem With The #MeToo/Times Up Movement

Eunice Barron

February 20, 2018

Ever since the Harvey Weinstein sexual misconduct allegations became headline news, it has shocked not only the Hollywood industry but socially as well. Women of all ages in the workforce took these type of awareness more serious than before. No one deserves to be inappropriately touched, raped or anything that isn’t consensual. This includes...

One Minute Review | Big Hero 6 Vs Interstellar

November 27, 2014

During this weeks One Minute Review Carlos Holguin has special guest Daniel Linares, debating whether Big Hero 6 is better than...

One Minute Movie Review | Gone Girl

October 31, 2014

Carlos is back again this week to bring you a One Minute Movie Review of Gone Girl, directed by David Fincher and starring Ben ...

FSZ: What are your thoughts on the Oscars?

Jacqueline Naranjo, Zeinab Chahine

March 20, 2014

What are the students thoughts on the Oscars? Jocelyn Ledesma Computer Science major said, "I think it was the best oscars ever. It was entertaining and not boring at all." Howard Mcmillian english engineering said, " I'm going to be there soon. It was an honor for them to be there." Cristal Yantuche nusing major said, "It was good. Gravity,...

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