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Women directors need to be recognized

Women Directors put in double the work and it has to be acknowledged by Hollywood.
American Institute in Taiwan
Director and Film Maker Nisha Pahuja talking about the challenges modern women face at the Film Foward convention.

Women directors need to be recognized for their work in filmmaking. A change must be made to get more women involved when it comes to being a director.

In today’s society, there aren’t many women who are selected to take on a director role as much as men are but not only that, but they are also less likely to be recognized for their work and that makes it harder for women who have the desire to be a director.

It’s a shame that many talented women directors out there have worked on amazing projects and were overlooked.

One well-known filmmaker is Kathryn Bigelow, she has directed numerous films in a wide range of genres and her best-known film is the horror film “Near the Dark,” a movie about vampires and one of the best haunting movies.

Kathryn Bigelow and Chloe Zhao are the only two female directors who have won an Oscar for best director.

It is very sad to see that though many women in filmmaking have put a lot of hard work into what they do it isn’t acknowledged much and it’s sad that not many women have won awards with their films.

It has been proven that women have more empathy, and this is something that shows in their work. By having more empathy, the audience feels more connected with the characters and makes people more engaged with the story.

Fewer women are involved with filmmaking and should be selected more often to take on the role of a director not only to show more representation but also so more stories about women can be told.

It is very inspiring as a woman myself to see women make it in the directing industry, it gives me a freeing feeling for them and empowers me to keep doing things I love regardless of what people think.

Women go through a lot and are constantly belittled when it comes to being in the public eye, but regardless they push through and try harder. They work their butts off and that’s something people have to recognize.

Women usually have to work harder since unfortunately, society doesn’t always take them seriously. To make a point they must do double the work.

Women can add more emotions to their creations, they reach the audience in ways men can’t understand but it’s hard to get more women to want to direct if the industry doesn’t already have many females.

Sophia Coppola is another director who hasn’t been heard of much but has directed a total of 8 films, her best-known film being, “The Beguiled.” This was an amazing film with an incredible performance and something that should have received an Oscar nomination.

Coppola shows powerful images instead of dialogues, the costumes she used in her film, “Lost in Translation,” make social statements. The main character’s wardrobe represented how she chose to hide from attention.

There’s a lot of creativity that is unseen and a lot that can improve in the industry. By recognizing more women as directors, it can open gateways for other women to be employed.

There are many more directors out there with films that are unheard of and people should give them a shot, they might find something they like.

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Vanesa Molina
Vanesa Molina is a staff writer for Talon Marks covering community news, arts and entertainment and social media. In her free time she enjoys reading books and listening to music as well as spending her time outdoors. After Cerritos College she plans to attend the University of Southern California.
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