Talon Marks

Corporations must stop exploiting aspects of Wicca

Bianca Martinez, Editor-in-Chief

September 12, 2018

With Sephora and Pinrose's unsuccessful attempt at commercializing a religion for profit, it brings up the question, should religions be open game to be monetized? The answer is no if the ones seeking to profit are corporations or are attempting to take advantage of those who practice the religion that is being exploited. Wicca, which was the reli...

WWE surrenders to misogyny

David Jenkins

April 24, 2018

On April 27 the World Wrestling Entertainment will hold "The Greatest Royal Rumble" event in Saudi Arabia and it has been announced that they will capitulate to the country's misogynistic views on women by not having them perform that night. What a spineless move by WWE, they decided that money was much more important than sticking to their principle...

Pastor Mike Voytek, Isaac Chavez, a computer science major and president of the Living Well club, Eric Cabarda, linguistic anthropology major at their booth. They were handing out free bibles and Christian literature to students. Photo credit: Maria Lopez

Living Well Club offers free Bibles, prayer

November 13, 2014

Pastor Mike Voytek was with the Living Well Club, handing out Bibles, both in English and Spanish, and other literature on Wednesday,...

Professors give their perspectives on ‘Religious Experience’

Katherine Grijalva, Copy Editor

March 9, 2014

The Department of Philosophy held a meeting on Feb. 18 at 11 a.m. in the Teleconference Center explaining the "Interdisciplinary Understanding of Religious Experience." It was composed of a panel of six professors explaining their viewpoints on the subject. They discussed religion as their primary topic through the different professors, such a...

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