Living Well Club offers free Bibles, prayer


Maria Lopez

Pastor Mike Voytek, Isaac Chavez, a computer science major and president of the Living Well club, Eric Cabarda, linguistic anthropology major at their booth. They were handing out free bibles and Christian literature to students. Photo credit: Maria Lopez

Gustavo Lopez, News Editor

Pastor Mike Voytek was with the Living Well Club, handing out Bibles, both in English and Spanish, and other literature on Wednesday, Nov. 12, at Falcon Square.

“The main purpose was to provide to students, in their free time, a ministry. The club’s focus is on the word of God. We’re basically providing it to people who don’t have a bible,” Voytek said.

He is a pastor at the Rehoboth Reformed church.

He added, “All we ask is that students read them (the books).”

Club President Isaac Chavez said, “This semester was the first semester that we officially started a club. We see it as an extension of what God is doing here, with conversations with students.”

Chavez added that he encourages students to read the Bible and the gospel.

“Before I would go around and make conversation with people, but now, I’ve come to understand the importance of teaching them, not just giving them information and leaving.”

The booth also offered prayers for students who were interested.

The prayers were meant for students as encouragement or comfort, depending on the students’ needs, according to Chavez.

The Living Well Club meets Tuesdays at 11 a.m. in a yet-to-be-announced location.