Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

Matthew Espinosa

Matthew Espinosa, Staff Writer

Matthew Espinosa is a staff writer for Talon Marks. His major is Journalism. He enjoys playing Halo and reading science fiction in his downtime. He's unclear as to where he will transfer after Cerritos.

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This is an infographic that compiles Norwalk high school teacher, Un-Soo Wongs, thoughts on teaching before versus after the COVID-19 pandemic.

[Photo] Un-Soo Wong: teacher by day, kick-boxer by night

April 27, 2022

This is an infographic that compiles Norwalk high school teacher, Un-Soo Wong's, thoughts on teaching before versus after the COVID-19 pandemic.

During National Nutrition Month, Hazel Ng helped maintain a booth with interactive games that educated visitors on fat intake and healthier diets. Consultations and recommendations to free Cerritos classes such as Zumba and yoga were also advertised for those with greater interest. Photo credit: Hazel Ng

Hazel Ng, dietician of Cerritos College

April 21, 2022
For an entire decade, Hazel Ng has worked at Cerritos College offering advice on nutrients as a registered dietician. All the while, meeting new people to help is never a dull or negative moment.
Kimberly Rosenfield played a major part in organizing a good deal of the Womens History events at Cerritos. Not Eric Rosenfield, the name that showed up by accident during the online art reception. Photo credit: Matthew Espinosa


Kimberly Rosenfield played a major part in organizing a good deal of the Women's History events at Cerritos. Not Eric Rosenfield, the name that showed up by accident during the online art reception. Photo...

Kimberly Rosenfield played a major part in organizing a good deal of the Womens History events at Cerritos. Not Eric Rosenfield, the name that showed up by accident during the online art reception.

Cerritos College’s Virtual Art Exhibit

April 7, 2022
As Women’s History Month comes to a close, Cerritos College holds another event that admires another aspect of women’s work: art.
Jackons nomination is one that is focused on qualification rather than connections. Her being on the Court can provide a fresher and more grounded view of the legal system as a whole.

Ketanji B. Jackson, the 116th justice

March 3, 2022

Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson was nominated by president Joe Biden to be the 116th Supreme Court justice on Feb. 25. Jackson had been appointed by former president Barack Obama into the DC federal court...

As time drags on during a timed essay, ones legibility can take a turn for the worst. The best thing to do in this type of situation is to rest your hand for five minutes and waste possibly valuable time. Photo credit: Creative Commons

Cutting down on timed essays

February 16, 2022
After taking an AP class or two in high school, nothing is worse than taking a timed essay. It's a session of intense writing compacted into an hour or less with no idea whether or not you've written the best essay ever or an unusually garbled piece of poetry.
Dr. Shelia Hill shared a similar name with Muhammads strategy that puts into words the blueprint set by older activists for younger people.

Umoja goes back into the past

February 16, 2022
In honor of Black History Month, Dr. Robert Lance joined Cerritos College in an online meeting to talk about the history of activism in Black education.
Earlier on Feb. 14, Decipeda had to attend a conference held by the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. After returning, he spent a considerable amount of time finetuning the churchs speakers with Harder because no one else was knowledgeable enough to fix them.

Father Raymond, CEO of St. John

February 16, 2022
As the pandemic drags on, the work of the St. John of God Church becomes all the more important in maintaining its attendants morale. One such individual integral to this plan is Father Raymond Decipeda.
It didnt take long for the citizens of Burma to organize protests against the new military rule in states like Yangon. However, it also didnt take long for the said military rule to respond with brute force. Photo credit: Getty Images

Burmese military power abuse goes unchecked

February 15, 2022
Prior to the civilian government of Burma was a 100-year-old military government that only recently gave civilians positions of power. Now, it's come back and no one cares enough to say anything.
Apart from some character models, others are just relatively untouched—just slightly enhanced. But is a little enhancement being worth $40 is also a little questionable. Photo credit: Matthew Espinosa

Life is Strange gets reworked

February 15, 2022
Despite the Life is Strange franchise having its ups and downs since its overwhelmingly successful introduction, Square Enix's latest release makes it clear that it's heading down south this time.
It wasnt so long ago that rap music glorified gang activity in places like Watts and Compton. Despite the criminal element as was present on Jan. 30., the denizens of Holmes Ave. continue on with daily life.

Another murder in Watts

February 12, 2022
On a relatively quiet night in nearby Watts, a man was found dead on a street known to have catered to gang activity.
Sometimes even Desi individuals can prove troublesome. Jaras own mother lamented that taking medication would bring about more harm than good.

Being a South Asian woman

February 12, 2022
Moving into the U.S. from a different continent can be more disorienting than it seems, even for individuals who have learned English in countries like India. Sahaas for Cause serves to help Cerritos students recognize the difficulties and elaborate on them with the personal stories of South Asian immigrants.
They and them pronouns should be used instead of gender conforming pronouns. It is easy to offend someone and deeply impact an individuals perception of self identity and life. Photo credit: Creative Commons

Let’s talk about they and them pronouns

February 9, 2022
Gender isn't as black and white as some might think. Sometimes, it's a little bit of both, or another color that one initially thought was another.
Boundaries can be implicit and not everything needs to be said. However, communicating verbally can help clear the air and even build up trust.

Boundaries of a relationship

February 4, 2022
Boundaries in nature are ambiguous and subject to change. Teal Table Talks: My Relationship Boundaries... Revealed! is held to clarify the more concrete aspects of them.
Unless youre not looking too closely, the signs of a victim can be dismissed as peculiarities unique to the individual. Recognizing them could save someones life.

Trends in human trafficking 101

January 27, 2022
While human trafficking is overall an abhorrent practice, the logistics behind it are suffocating for the victims.That isn't to mention the legal barriers trafficking victims face for being victims.
After answering essentially everyones questions, Fierro said that he has taken to watching Cobra Kai in his downtime. Some participants suggested other shows to also watch like Tom Lasso.

Dr. Fierro’s Instagram Live update

January 27, 2022
As to reach students in a more convenient fashion, president Jose Fierro hosted an Instagram Live to provide an update on Cerritos College's happenings. With an emphasis on the Omicron situation, the event answered some questions that have worried students.
Before even starting, the session already offered attendants a mere taste of what type of films were going to be seen by presenting them with two emotionally impactful films in the waiting room. Both highlighted the often-overlooked mental health issues that arise in minorities whose cultures do not think of such topics.

Movies for the mind

January 26, 2022
Cerritos is Art With Impact is a workshop for students to learn more about the mental health impact of sexual violence. From this workshop, myths and truths about the stigma surrounding the subject became more distinct.
What is most disturbing about sexual assault victims is that the age of any single one can range from as old as 30 to as young as 1 month. If the latter is the case then it is for either law enforcement or the parents to decide how to proceed.

Working with trafficked survivors

January 24, 2022
The protocol and nuance involved in caring for sexual assault victims is a subject that isn’t talked about enough in the public and even in hospitals. SART Examinations 101 underscores the significance of being aware of what type of help victims need and the truths behind a survivor’s reality.
Cut into concise, understandable chunks, the slideshow accompanying the lecture made it easier to follow along. Taking notes to put down beneath each bullet point was just the icing on the cake.

Scholarship 101 helps out transfer students

January 20, 2022
While the pandemic rages on, thinking about the future is more important than ever now. One way of doing it is by contemplating the viability of scholarships and attending workshops that deliver the information needed to obtain one.
God of War is a masterpiece in terms of narrative and combat, and as such, is a great reason to play on Playstation. When it so happens that it is being sold on PC, the reviews are bound to provide more reason.

Playstation upgrading and spreading to more platforms

January 20, 2022
With the release of God of War on Steam, it's become apparent that Playstation is making moves to compete against Xbox's own advances.
Having spent a total of four days preparing his event, Professor Gandhi presents an almost storylike analysis of King and Gandhis legacy. He explains to participants that King and Gandhi shared similar goals that seem to have fallen short in the wake of their deaths.

Peacemakers’ legacy realized? Or forgotten?

January 13, 2022
The Cerritos College Foundation is joined on Martin Luther King Jr. Day by Professor Rajmohan Gandhi, grandson of Mahatma Gandhi. It's with him that Cerritos students will learn more about the nuances of King and Gandhi.
Luring in the King by exploiting his desire for action, the Ferryman waits for the player down in the Toxic Sewer section. Blissfully unaware of the threats awaiting him beyond the shores of the kingdom, the King, of course, accepts the Ferrymans offer to introduce him to more interesting opponents.

[Photo] Dead Cells’ last chapter

January 11, 2022

Luring in the King by exploiting his desire for action, the Ferryman waits for the player down in the Toxic Sewer section. Blissfully unaware of the threats awaiting him beyond the shores of the kingdom,...

Underneath all the gore and bullets, there is a truckload of stuff to do that will make gore and bullets even more hilarious. That is if your sense of humor is morbid enough to handle it. Photo credit: Running With Scissors

Postal 4’s Friday Update hauls in more fun content & mechanics

December 6, 2021

Postal 4 is not what one would call a new game, but its Friday Update is a testament to the creators’ desire to demonstrate that there is a slew of content as of yet released—and that there...

The New Holland Braud is one of FS22s newer vehicles meant specifically for harvesting from vines. Compared to handpicking crops, this bit of machinery is definitely worth getting. Photo credit: Farming Simulator

Farming Simulator 22 brings more complexity

December 2, 2021

Although it is not quite as intense as other games, Giants Software’s Farming Simulator 22 is the type of management game that will still tickle a part of the player’s brain in a more unassuming...

The high gas prices at a local gas station. Prices are causing families to make tough decisions on where to spend their money especially during the upcoming holidays. November 24, 2021

High gas prices are killing this holiday spirit

November 25, 2021

As the price of Californian gas is raised and traveling is complicated as such during the holiday season, the need for a more reasonable fuel source should be the problem that requires a solution—at...

Another unique feature of Battlefield 2042 is the map-specific natural disaster that can occur, like a tornado. With its ability to pick up objects like nothing, players naturally gravitate toward the tornado to join all the debris and vehicles caught in its wake.

Battlefield 2042, a new take on the series

November 23, 2021

Despite the fact that there’s a couple of quirks to work out, EA’s Battlefield 2042 is still an enjoyable game to play. Defined by its all-out warfare gameplay, 2042 seeks to capitalize on that...

Infinites bots allow players to realize the true capability behind Halos AI. Unlike other shooter types, these enemies fight in a fashion that takes into consideration self-preservation and tactical advantage. Photo credit: Matthew Espinosa

Halo: Infinite, return of the king

November 18, 2021

Halo: Infinite’s multiplayer beta feels like it has returned to the series’ older mechanics while also maintaining a more modern style; released on November 15, these qualities make it a love letter...

Unchanged by its re-releases, Skyrim still has quirks to it that makes it endearing. Guards forming a straight line are the least of it; youre like to find a few floating animals while walking around. Photo credit: Matthew Espinosa

Bethesda should stop re-releasing Skyrim

November 17, 2021

So far Bethesda has released Skyrim six times in the past decade, but with its latest re-release Skyrim: Anniversary Edition on Nov. 11 it is now seven, and it's ridiculous the way Bethesda is milking...

In terms of movement and gunplay, Halo 5 felt the most fluid. The player felt like a Spartan who acted with a sense of urgency as they went about saving the galaxy from a malfunctioning AI.

Sidechat: Halo 5 provides a beautifully elaborate story rich in lore

November 17, 2021
As "Halo: Infinite" release date approaches, players should be familiar with the controversy concerning its predecessor, and why it fails to ruin the story of the franchise.
Todays Guardians are no doubt the most entertaining version of the spacefaring group. Although it is also interesting to see how they originally started out. Photo credit: Matthew Espinosa

Video game strays from comic, doubles down on movie adaptation 

November 10, 2021

Square Enix’s Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is an enjoyable game to be sure, although much like today’s iteration it has a very different meaning from the original material. Released on Oct....

No one should be stopped from doing what they love. As society continues to evolve, it shouldnt matter if your own beliefs dont abide by the actions of someone else. Photo credit: Creative Commons

Title IX ignored by Christian Valley Academy

November 3, 2021

The discrimination faced by Sonya Herrera’s daughter, E.H., at the hands of Christian Valley Academy as a female football player is an injustice that should be resolved by allowing E.H. and those...

Joshua Belvin (2) and Dorian Harris (20) at the Santiago Canyon match. Almost a year later and the Falcons are still as ready as ever to face another opponent. Photo credit: Daryl Peterson/ Sports Information Office

Falcons v. Eagles in first game of basketball season

October 28, 2021

Cerritos has not held a basketball match since the COVID-19 shutdown was instated last year, but that will change when the Falcons compete against Mt. San Jacinto’s Eagles at the College of the Desert...

Matthew Fee at the home match against Mt. San Antonio on Oct. 20, 2021. He sits out on this one and instead, counts himself among the audience.

Matthew Fee, candidate for first in lineup

October 27, 2021

Matthew Fee of the Falcons’ wrestling team is the type of man whose passion for sports carries on later in life and as a result of his own hard work, is professionalized by becoming a fighter for an...

Sidechat podcast: Single player v. Multiplayer (2021)

Sidechat podcast: Single player v. Multiplayer (2021)

October 20, 2021
Singleplayer and multiplayer are two different aspects of a game, but what makes them good? And does the distinction make one better than the other?
Even after the pivotal Stonewall Riots, the concept of LGBT was scorned and dismissed. Today is a future where society is only just becoming more accepting and knowledgeable.

Learning the LGBCs

October 14, 2021

The Student Programming Board held a trivia competition on LGBT history Wednesday night. The event did not entertain a large number of participants, but managed successfully to hold an atmosphere of...

Soldiers of the 79th Infantry Division Combat Team participated in the San Diego Pride Parade. Attendance of the pride parade including 79th IBCT Soldiers and other service members signed the California National Guard’s banner on July 13, 2019. Photo credit: California National Guard

Biden administration rewards shunned LGBTQ heroes with benefits

September 30, 2021

The Department of Veteran Affair’s decision to grant full benefits to LGBTQ veterans and service members, which was announced on Sept. 27, is not only a cause for celebration but also an opportunity...

Emotion, good and bad, are the components of human nature—and shouldnt be ignored. Photo credit: Matthew Espinosa

Life bursting with color, Square Enix’s ‘True Colors’ review

September 22, 2021

Exploration of the human soul has always been a staple of the Life is Strange franchise, and Square Enix’s True Colors addition does so gracefully with the artistic illustration of emotion’s natural...

(left to right) Dr. Hoffman, Kristin Goméz, Mickey Wilkerson, and Izzbee gather in the fortified ruins of Mount Tanner Ranger Station to trade. Of Trumbulls denizens, these three, excluding Goméz, offer the best tech-related supplies, as well as services.

Compromised ‘State of Decay 2: homecoming’ proves promising

September 9, 2021

By far one of the most compelling aspects of State of Decay 2 is the adventure—and sorrow—each irreversible decision can present and so its latest “Homecoming” update has the opportunity to bring...

Alien Firestorm is available for players starting Aug. 23, 2021. It is an action-packed game for sci-fi enthusiasts and followers of the franchise. Photo credit: PC Gamer

Aliens Returns in Blaze of Mediocre Glory

September 9, 2021

Aliens: Fireteam Elite comes off as contradicting, because while it is the first major Aliens videogame in a decade since Alien: Isolation, it is not the first of its kind. After its Aug. 23 release,...

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