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Film collateral damage victim


After being put on hold for about five months due to the terrorists acts in New York on Sept. 11, 2001, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s new movie will be playing in box offices soon.

Warner Brothers decided to move the movie back to a later date due to the recent terrorism acts, the movie wouldn’t be very apporpriate for viewers, but viewer ratings are high so its time for the final release.

The main character, Gordy Brewer, a Los Angeles County Firefighter, who is played by Schwarzenegger is caught off guard by a terrorism act in down town L.A. where is was running late to meet his wife and child. Brewer didn’t get to his wife and child in time and with their passing, he seeks out to find the terrorist.

Brewer’s family being in the wrong place at the wrong time resulted in his determination to find the terrorist who took his family away from him.

Along with the CIA and FBI, Brewer is out to find the man who stole his family away from him. All the information they know is the main targets are members of the Colombian consulate and American intelligence agents that were in the building at the time of explosion.

Brewer begins to search out the terrorist under the name El Lobo meaning The Wolf. He begins to research Colombia and find out where he needs to go to get into the Guerrilla terroritory. All the odds are against him as he goes in to the war-torn country, but he is a man with nothing left to lose.

While in Colombia, he goes through many obstacle to get into the Guerrilla terroritory. Between all the bullets he had to dodge and running through the rough terrian of the vast green country, he discovers the Wolf and begins to find out where he will strike next.

Collateral damage is full of action, suspense and emotion. It is not the normal blood and guts kind of movie. The movie draws the viewer into the driven emotion that Gordy Brewer holds in for the loss of his family.

It is one movie that viewers will find a hero in this heroric firefighter, just as America has found a hero in the firefighters that were involved in the terrorist act in New York.

The ending of the movie holds a life long lesson for all viewers, Collateral Damage is something that will change the viewers life.

As Americans not many know what collateral damage is; this movie will give the viewer a big insight to what collateral damage really is. It is not just a movie title, it is really happening in today’s world.

Americans are quite fortunate for what we have and Collateral Damage will make viewers realize that Americans take things for granted. There is a lesson to be learned from Collateral Damage.

The movie will be in theatres for viewing pleasure on Feb. 8th.

With suspense so intense, hold on to your popcorn tight.


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