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Uncharted movie review

Uncharted has been one of Sony’s premier gaming franchises on PlayStation and this is Sony’s second attempt at making a video game movie. Photo credit: Creative Commons

On February 18, the Uncharted movie made its long anticipated debut on the big screen after it was postponed from its original 2020 Holiday release due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Uncharted is an action adventure video game with 9 video games in the series and is one of Sony’s biggest video game franchises on PlayStation.

Seeing it being made into a movie was a great idea due to Uncharted being known to be a very cinematic type of video game.

One thing to discuss is how impressive this movie’s casting is, Tom Holland did an amazing job as the main character Nathan Drake and Mark Wahlberg doing just as amazing as Victor Sullivan and the supporting cast did a great job in the movie as well.

Throughout the movie, we see Nathan Drake get his start in hunting for treasure where he teams up with Victor Sullivan and together they travel to different parts of the world looking for treasure as they encounter a dangerous villains looking for the same treasure for their personal gain.

Where the movie shines the most is the action scenes which I thought were well choreographed as well as amazing special effects along with some interesting locations and set pieces in the movie.

The chemistry that Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg’s build together in the movie.

The biggest issue with the movie would have to be its pacing. There are a lot of times in the movie where we are supposed to feel emotionally attached to the character but the movie doesn’t exactly do a good job giving the viewer enough time to see why the character feels that way.

Instead it would cut right to the next scene or gives the viewer pretty much a throw away line to feel some type of closure for the character.

The movie is sitting at a 41% rotten rating on Rotten Tomatoes by critics but a 90% fresh rating by the audience which continues the debate of whether people should consider the critics or general audience’s perspective whenever they want to watch any type of movie.

This was a topic that started when Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice released in theaters in 2016 with the same gap between critics and fans.

The future for video game movies is bright. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 will be debuting in theaters on April 8th. The movie also got an announcement for another sequel as well as a live action show that will most likely tie-in with the movies.

The Halo show also just started streaming earlier this month, one might say video games are the Hollywood trend right now.

Uncharted is fairly good when you ignore its minor flaws and watch the movie for what it is. The general consensus seems to think that as well.

Hopefully this movie among other video game movie adaptations debuting soon will pave the way for a good future for movies about video games.

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Alvaro Nevarez is a staff writer for Talon Marks covering Entertainment and Gaming. Alvaro is a Journalism Major and enjoys playing video games with friends, watching football, and hanging out at the beach with friends.
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