Talon Mark’s ‘Campus News Hour’ April 18, 2012

Life of a Returning Student - Patrick Dolly (Audio) : Talon Marks Campus News Hour

Life of a Returning Student – Patrick Dolly (Audio) : Talon Marks Campus News Hour

Today is April 18th , 2012. Welcome to the 13th edition of Talon Mark’s ‘Campus News Hour’ for the Spring semester. Bringing you news and information campus wide.

I’m your host Tito Benavides

And I’m Lucia Sarabia

Good Morning Falcons!


The Cerritos College Phi Beta Lambda business club competed in the 2012 State Business Leadership Conference in March. The future leaders of America met at the Los Angeles Radisson for the sake of meeting like minded business students. Assistant Sports Editor Martin Calderon reporting.


Holding true to it’s responsibilities, members of the ASCC have brought attention to alleged incompetence of ASCC Student Director Holly Bogdonovich. An extensive 5 month absence without representation and the lack of transparency and non-existent rules that have stopped students from implementing live performances and other activities. Editor in Chief Vic Diaz reporting.


This weeks Talon Mark’s ‘Campus News Hour’ pro and con opinion articles focus on the Cheerleading squad here at Cerritos College. Assistant Arts Editor Alexa Bazua gives her view on how the Falcons cheerleading squad should cheer for all Falcon teams.


And with an opposing view on the cheerleading question, Sports Editor Lauren Gandara counters with her own opinion on how the Falcons cheerleaders have enough on their pom-pom’s to keep them busy enough all season long.


Cerritos College placed in several competitive heats at the Mount SAC relays invitational. The Falcons took the top 3 spots in the races. News Editor Enrique Rivera reporting.


With the continual and unstoppable progression of technology in our daily lives, registering for class without disrupting ones daily responsibilities by utilizing the available iPhone, iPad, or other App driven devices. With the creation of a mobile registration website, Cerritos College would be participation in the modern world that surrounds it. Campus News Hour Director Tito Benavides reporting.


This weeks Talon Mark’s ‘Campus News Hour’ movie review aims it’s missiles at ‘Cabin in the Woods.’ Assistant Online Editor Sarah Nieman shows absolutely no mercy on her opinion of this stink-bomb film.


The first ever Cerritos College ‘Hall Of Fame’ ceremony was held at the Cerritos Sherritan Hotel. All Falcons, past and present, in attendance were witnesses to the greatness that Cerritos College has produced in it’s alumni. Sports Editor Laura Gandara reporting.


This weeks ‘Campus News Hour’ opinion section sets it’s sights on returning students and how Cerritos College should not offer free classes to these pupils alone. Staff writer Alexandra Scovill reporting.


Talon Mark’s ‘Campus News Hour’ continues to bring attention to all of the talented people broadcasting from WPMD.org Cerritos College radio. Mary Jane hosts ‘Irie Femind,’ a deep-cut Reggea music show. She has had legendary artists from this genre from Black Uhuru and the Wailers as guests on her show. Assistant Sports Editor Martin Calderon reporting.


Tough times for the mens tennis team by being humbled at the hands of Santa Barbara Community College. Although the overall defeat there was some silver lining with a big win for Falcons. Staff writer Juan Lopez reporting.


Both Cerritos and Citrus college came together musically with the ‘Pop Rock exchange.’ This event serves to bring attention to the music departments of both campuses. Staff writer Wilmer Vargas and Freelance writer Jessica Perez reporting.

This has been the 13th installment of Talon Marks

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