People gather to view art based on disaster


Robert Beaver

Hanson Ruff, undecided major, scopes “Parametric Falls” by artist Preston Daniels. Daniels used a combination of wood, steel, styrofoam, fibreboard, latex paint, expanding foam and adhesive to create the sculpture.

Sarah Niemann and Sarah Niemann

Students and staff alike attended the Cerritos College art gallery opening on Monday which featured Adam Davis’ debut of “Beyond the Tangible Universe As You Understand it” along with 13 contemporary artists participating in the second exhibition of the gallery, “Architectual Deinforcement.”

In the main room, there is a mixture of paintings and sculptures.

Albert Hernandez music major said, “I expected to see a lot of drawings but there is a lot of architecture. It has this structure, this house made out of silver, it’s very interesting.”

Eduardo Gonzalez, computer major had a similar reaction to the pieces, “I like the art work, it’s very different.” He continued, “Some of the art work, I knew what it was right away, and some of them I’m trying to figure out.”

The main exhibit, “Beyond the Tangible Universe as You Know it” is in a separate room and consists of digitally manipulated images being projected for the gallery goers to see as well as audio for them to hear.

Tim Nguyen research analyst for Cerritos College described the gallery as “art for the ears and art for the eyes.”

Davis explained, “I photographed and altered (the images) through Adobe Photoshop. Those images were then taken through Adobe After Effects to add motion to them, and then they were combined with video footage I took of the sky.” He continued, “In addition, the audio components of the piece contain manipulated interviews as well as a field recording made in Hama Syria, of a noise created by one of the large water wheels in which the town is famous for.”

The main exhibit which started in 2010 came to Cerritos College through the “good graces of James MacDevitt (curator and director of the art gallery)” Davis said, “James was great to work with and has great artistic vision. Cerritos College is very lucky to have him on staff.”

The gallery will continue through Oct. 11.