Cerritos Window Dressing presents: Jynx Prado’s ‘Snow White and the Seven deadly Sins’


Diana Morales

More people admiring the art work of Jynx Prado’s “Snow White and the 7 Deadly Sins,” on Feb. 6.

Diana Morales, Social Media Editor

The Cerritos College art gallery finally opened its curtains to reveal the new window dressing installation in the Fine Arts building on Feb 6. at 6 p.m.

The art gallery welcomes artist Jynx Prado, who is an LA-based artist who uses humor and irony to express their experience as a queer Mexi-Salvi American.

Another one of Prado’s burlap sculptures up at the gallery display.
Another one of Prado’s burlap sculptures up at the gallery display and came from the series they made called, “AM THEM, THEY IS I.” (Diana Morales)

The window dressing is a short-term installation at the art gallery where artists are able to set up their artwork and display it in the exterior window of the building.

One of the sculptures on the display is “I AM THEM,THEY IS I,” which is also up on the Cerritos Window Dressing.

Jynx Prado’s main art display at the gallery is titled Snow White and the Seven Deadly Sins: A Queery Tale, which is the first of a new series that the artist has begun.

“A Queery Tale” is a new series that the artist has started where not only are they able to retell a fairy tale but also express the hateful life experience through a non-binary/gender-fluid perspective.


Prado was inspired by the original tale of Snow White which has a more darker side to it.

Prado has created a series of ‘Queery tales’ where they were able to merge an old fairy tale with real life personal experiences.

The LGBTQ+ community has to constantly stand up for themselves and fight against the hatred they face for simply wanting to be true to themselves.

“The queen tried to kill Snow White twice just for being who she was, just like trans and non-binary who are killed for staying true to themselves,” Prado said.

Trans and non-binary get murdered for the ‘sin’ they are committing which is wanting to be able to freely be who they are.

Prado’s burlap sculpture of Mx. Burlap is constantly changing as it is always getting new items added from past performances. (Diana Morales)

The window display has three burlap sculptures from the artist’s embodiment series along with the 7 deadly sins sculptures.

They created this character called Mx. Burlap which they created by using their own body and using the same measurements.

Mx. Burlap is a sculpture that is constantly changing and memorabilia from past performances is added.

And of course, the third sculpture in the display represents Snow White.

The seven deadly sins are all looking down at Snow White with different emotions rather than the original grieving face as Prado used their own face to show the various emotions of all seven sins.

“Normally in remakes of Snow White you always see the 7 dwarfs frowning, this time it’s interesting to see them almost hysterical laughing at the person in the coffin,” said Ashley, Cerritos College student.

Jynx Prado will have their art up in the Window Dressing until Mar. 17 so check out their art while you can!