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Podcast: Xbox One vs PS4


Gustavo Olguin: Alright, it’s Gustavo again here with Talon Marks and we’re having a little debate and I’m going to have the contestants introduce themselves right now.

Daniel Green: I’m Daniel Green, I’m the news editor for Talon Marks and I’m on the side of Xbox One.

Dominic Hennix: I’m Dominic, I’m the staff writer for Talon Marks and I’m for the PS4.

Maria Lopez: I’m Maria and I’m also a staff writer for Talon Marks and I’m trying to get a neutral side here for both consoles.

Gustavo: Third party always hopes… Alright, so Daniel please tell me what Xbox One has to offer.

Daniel: Well one thing they did a lot of things changed, but one thing they offer was the cloud, you can trade games with you’re friends. Which was different before. Instead of trading a disk, for example, now you can just send them. You get like a license, basically. Games transfer and I can play a game, I get permission to play a game from my Xbox and it’s all done wirelessly. Also, the new system comes with a Kinect which is a built in bundle with the system, now you don’t have to buy it separate anymore. Now you get that in with the Xbox One.

Gustavo: And the digital games was one thing that caused a lot of backlash and PS4, excuse me, made it a point to emphasize that there will be no digital game at all, it will be disks. So can you please tell me a little more about PS4.

Dominic: I mean, number one it’s cheaper, which everybody loves. It’s just the controller, for a lot of people, is better because you can leave your room and still play because there’s a square little box that you can see it in. The Vita went down and that’s more due to PS4. It’s not a lot of exclusives but they have the Indie games which everybody loves from time to time. It’s not much different but they have differences.

Maria: The hardware for both of the consoles is practically the same except for the PS4 has a little bit more power. The problem is that most people see the online extras as something to entice towards the certain console because PS4 is free, online playing is free for PS4 but for the Xbox One you will have to buy Xbox Gold which will be I’m not sure maybe 60 dollars like Xbox Live.

Gustavo: Yeah, the pay for play thing for PS3 and Xbox 360, there was a big difference you could tell as you played it online. Daniel can you please tell me how the pay for play actually helps Xbox this time.

Daniel: Well even though PlayStation has always been free you could always tell that the quality for Xbox Gold has always been better. You don’t get missed connection as much. It was much faster. Even though you’re paying 60 dollars a year, you’re paying for the servers, you’re paying people to maintenance, you’re paying for people to always be on it so if something goes wrong they’re there to fix it. Even though Sony is a multi-million dollar company, they’re paying for it themselves so they don’t have as much money to put just for that. They have to take money aside and put it like ‘OK we’re going to take care of this’. Microsoft takes the money that you give them for your subscription, they put it right into the servers and they put it into the system itself.

Gustavo: That was a big thing saying ‘Oh Xbox has to pay but PS4 doesn’t ’. What’s another thing the PS4 has done to get more out of the PlayStation Plus?

Dominic: They brought a lot back. They give you a lot of free games for it and cheaper games if you want to get it digitally. They bring back, I don’t know if a lot of people play it, but DC Universe Online, they’re bringing that back. They’re adding new characters, new maps, new weapons, and that’s free and it’s a pretty good server so all around you get a lot of free things PS Plus or not. It’s cool for only 399.

Gustavo: The biggest difference people have with Xbox and PlayStation is the exclusives and people have always leaned more to the Xbox ones like some of the ones that Xbox One is going to come out with eventually.

Maria: Yes, Xbox One is going to come out with Forza 5, Halo, Killer Instinct, Dead Rising 3, Ryse: Son Of Rome. But, PS4 has more Indie games that are free. You know, and the biggest titles that are going to come out this year which are Assassin’s Creed : Black Flag, Battlefield 4, Call of Duty, Elder Scrolls: Online, which was a big deal a few weeks ago, Madden, FIFA, Peggle 2,which I’m looking forward to, and Star Wars Battlefront 3. Those are practically on both of the consoles. So you guys can win with either one.

Gustavo: Battlefront, it’s like throwing it back to off a few years ago. It feels like it died off but even though it seems like it’s even what’s an extra incentive for you to get Xbox.

Daniel: For me personally it’s the exclusives like we mentioned before. For example, the top game I would want is Dead Rising 3. I loved the first one loved the second one even more and if I go to PlayStation I don’t get to enjoy that, I don’t get to move on to the next installment in the story. So for me it’s all the exclusives we locked down. I mean Indie games are fine I like Indie games once in a while, they’re a good break from too much action and all that stuff but at the end of the day I want the big names.

Gustavo: You want to finish what you started right?

Daniel: Exactly.

Gustavo: And a surprise move was from one of the long time conspirators with Xbox has moved over to PS4, which is Bungee, which started off the Halo series which has been phenomenal for Xbox. Bungee is actually moving to PS4 and starting a new game ‘Destiny’. How do you feel that Bunge is willing to work with PS4 and what they have to offer?

Dominic: To me it tells that they’re willing to make more money off of the PS4. Not just that, they have a server I think it’s “Twitch” or something in that magnitude where you can make a game and upload your game onto the server and you can have other people around the world play your personal game if you upload it on the PS4. And it’s cheaper, I mean, I think that the PS4 is better just for those small reasons. They’re small but they can be big at the long run.

Gustavo: Yeah, you can see it as the plus and minus of it as well. Earlier you said that the familiarity of Xbox was one of the things… can you please tell me a little bit about that.

Daniel: Well I have a 360 already. I know the controller, even though it’s kind of being redesigned already, I know how it feels. You can see the progression from the first one it was very bulky and no one liked it. But in the second generation 360 they improved and perfect it and made it feel good. That’s something I think they improved on and hopefully in the next generation. I never liked the PS3 it was always that very thin brewing thing. It never felt good for me. I know where my profile is on there already. I don’t know how exactly it moves over but everything is already on there I can transfer stuff over. You know, moving onto PlayStation I don’t have any type of points or anything on there. So it’s a whole new system I haven’t really used.

Gustavo: And although there is familiarity you said that one thing was the Kinect that you weren’t too sure about.

Daniel: You know I mentioned this probably one of the things it does have over the PlayStation is not something I exactly want. We’re paying an extra hundred dollars compared to the new 4. I don’t play those types of games. I don’t play Kinect. I don’t do a Dance Party Micheal Jackson stuff. I play with my friends. I go online and I play Borderlands and stuff like that. I don’t dance so for me paying an extra hundred dollars compared to the other system for something I probably won’t use doesn’t exactly appeal to me.

Gustavo: Alright, well there you have it. PS4 and Xbox One coming out this November. It seems either way is a good choice as long as you make the one you feel good about it will be all good. Thanks for stopping by with Talon Marks.

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Fall 2014 Being Online Editor has it’s moments. Maria Lopez, solemnly swears that she's up to do good. This is her third semester at Talon Marks and second as Online Editor. She enjoys the job because it’s fun, challenging, and a way to let others know what’s going on around campus. In her spare time she loves to read books, volunteer in her community, visit the local library, listen to music, and watch myriad television shows and documentaries. Her hope in life is to get visited by a doctor in a blue box. Feel free to contact Maria in these formats: Follow on Twitter @mlopeztweets Email at [email protected]
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Podcast: Xbox One vs PS4