DICE is bringing new changes to ‘Battlefield 4’


Following its success with “Battlefield 3, ” DICE attempts to better itself with its new explosive first-person shooter.

At the moment, “Battlefield 4” does not seem to be fully connected with the “Battlefield 3” story line, although the United States and the Russia seem to be in an all-out war.

Instead, the game thrusts players into a world where conflict between Russia and the U.S. has raged for six years. Russia is fueling a coupe in China in order to have an ally against the U.S. As China falls under martial law and political turmoil, Russia and the United States park off the coast of China and prepare for the next great war.

The war on the online world has returned almost the same as “Battlefield 3” with major upgrades.

Features on “Battlefield 4” include immersive warfare where every player can use the destructible environments to his disposal to gain the upper hand in the battle.

“Battlefield” all time favorite, commander mode, returns stronger than ever.

You have the ability to deploy vehicles and supplies to continue to fuel your war machine. As commander it is your job to issue orders to your troops on the ground and support them with Tomahawk missiles and AC-130 gun-ships. All this can now be accessed through a mobile tablet and synchronized with a real-time match online.

The game’s new engine, Frostbite 3, is the forefront of a game mechanic that has been in development for years according to creative director Frank Vitz. The next-gen engine creates a world that moves and reacts to the battlefield. The new look on dynamic ocean warfare moves the wind, the clouds, the waves and the palm trees on the island all in unison and all in real-time.

DICE developers have been working on a new concept named “Levolution.”

The objective is always change the enviorment of the battlefield and to make players adapt to a situation. It can be from the smallest spark bounce off a wall, to giant buildings and damns crumbling in debris. No two games will be the same.

“Battlefield 3” was notorious for bringing back jets and throwing players into heart-pounding arial dog fights. “Battlefield 4” takes the action to the seas as players ride the stormy waves hunting down jet skis and armored boats.

Battlelog can now be accessed on your smart phone or tablet and can provide a tactical advantage in your favor. The battlefield is always in the palm of your hand and you can interact with the community by challenging them to a new option called “missions” and command your squad while you wait for the bus.

“Battlefield 4” is availible for pre-order now, prepare “4” battle this holiday season.