FSZ: What’s your awkward moment?

1. Andrew Villarreal, accounting major

“When I’m in the computer lab looking at my computer and someone thinks I’m looking at them instead, ”

2. Aliya Schotel, nursing major

“I was at the mall and I didn’t see a drink spilled on the floor. I slipped and fell on my hands and knees. I asked my mom for help, but she was just standing there laughing at me,”

3. Alexis Pulido, nursing major

“I would have to say when I was helping out my sister pick out her quinceañera dress. We heard a big fart noise, it was a mother with her children and she tried to blame it on someone else. I couldn’t stop laughing,”

4. Jonny Korn, computer engineering major

“ When I was in middle school I was running to class, there was a puddle of mud over the grass area and I slipped,”

5. Kenosha Hawkins, early childhood major

“When people don’t talk to you. When your trying to have a conversation and they won’t give you the 50/50,”

6. Dedrick Ruiz, animation major

“When I went to work and I found out that I wasn’t suppose to work that day,”

7. Jose Esquivias, psychology major

“Coming to school with my shirt flipped around.“