IBS Award nominee has found new passion with radio

IBS Award nominee has found new passion with radio

Lauren Torres, Staff Writer

Johnny Ray, one of the hosts of WMPD’s show ’Swingin’ With The World’, was nominated for an Intercollegiate Broadcasting System award.

Ray, who is still fairly new to radio and his co-host Peggy Sue were nominated in the ‘Best Specialty Music Show’ category for their show’s unique rotating-era style that spans everywhere from the roaring 20’s to the she-bopping of the 50’s.

Ray specifically hosts a portion of the show called ‘The Spotlight Corner,’ where he comments, reviews, and gives interesting tidbits on movies from the 40’s and 50’s.

“It feels great,” he said of his first nomination, “I never really thought of going into radio until Peggy Sue mentioned it…I did a special guest appearance on the radio show last year and I liked it, it was fun. I’m very happy that we’re nominated and it’s a great thing.”

One of the things he finds most intriguing about the medium is the fact that even though he can’t see the audience he’s aware that there are people listening and that he can reach them.

“I like being able to reach out to people and to inspire people, to entertain people, I think it s a good thing.”

Ray, who is actually majoring in Nutrition, said that despite the fact that his interest lies in health and wellness, radio is something he intends to continue to be a part of. While a 50’s style show is very far-off from Nutrition, Ray attributes his cousin and co-host, Peggy Sue, for sparking an interest in the older eras their show’s music comes from.

“Peggy Sue, that was her show first. I like the style of a lot of things. That era was a lot different, some of it was kind of new to me, and as I go I’m kind of learning.”

One of the things Ray finds most interesting about the era is the difference between how people interacted with each other then and now, mostly citing technology as a big reason for distance between people now.

“It’s just really interesting, how people used to be, how people are now, what they didn’t have back then. Sometimes it seemed more personal, how people met and how people interacted and what entertainment was and it’s just a whole different era now…there is just so much more that we can learn from that we carry on now.”

As for his nickname, Ray admits he took a cue from both his cousins personal style and the popular restaurant known for its 50’s flare, Johnny Rockets.

“Ray and Johnny, I just thought they would go together. It came up from her style and Johnny Rocket’s.”

Ray would like to someday combine his love of nutrition and his new-found love of radio together, possibly to host his own show.

“I love to talk about nutrition…things that could help people just by bettering themselves and something that’s really healthy…whether it’s mental health, nutrition, just something people can be inspired by,” he added.

Johnny Ray can be heard on his show ‘Swingin’ With The World’ Wednesdays and Fridays at 1 p.m. on WPMD.