‘Chatting with Chatterbox’ to air soon with WPMD

Sebastian Echeverry, Managing/ News Editor

New show coming to the college radio station WPMD offers students a platform to talk about off-campus sports according to show host Terrel Emerson.

The show’s content, “Chatting with Chatterbox,” will consist of sports talk and analyses as well as small mentions to music in particular hip-hop, according Emerson.

Emerson’s frequent guest, Jeremy Wyche will most likely go on air every Friday.

He said, “With things here like the Talon Marks we have the opportunity to let our voices be heard in regards to campus sports, so what I kind of want to do is have our opinions heard on a wider scale.”

The show will focus on discussing national sports and letting the opinions of those present on the show be heard.

According to Emerson, a show like this already exists called “Pandemonium.”

“I want [my show] to be more interactive in a sense that I want to have a live feed, I want to be able to bring people in and talk to them about it…it’s almost going to be like a clubhouse,” he said.

WPMD co-advisor Casey Piotrowski said that in order to be on the air one must be a member of the Broadcasting Club.

He said, “[Terrel] came in and trained with the equipment, we trained with him, then he practiced and he had an audition, he did well in the audition, really knows his stuff.”

Piotrowski said that the fact of having WPMD available on iTunes puts the radio station at another level.

He said, “It brings up a level of credibility…it’s easy to find and the other thing about iTunes is that people have it everywhere, they have it on their phones, on their tablets, on their laptops and desktops.”

According to Emerson, having the show on iTunes can be nerve racking for those that operate in WPMD.

He said, “I signed up before we actually had the deal with iTunes and once I went in to actually do my audition Casey said ‘You know that we’re on iTunes right?’ I looked at him and was like ‘Way to not make me nervous,’ but at the end of the day WPMD is preparing us for what is to come.”