Netflix’s The Princess Switch is a royal guilty pleasure for the holidays

Eunice Barron, Staff Writer

Netflix premiered “The Princess Switch” on Nov. 16 with much excitement, and it is a joyful guilty pleasure for the holidays with its plot, characters and the joyful presence of its protagonist, Vanessa Hudgens.

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“The Princess Switch” made its royal debut as part of Netflix’s Christmas releases, just in time for the upcoming holidays with its “Princess and the Pauper” meets “The Parent Trap” like story will make anyone develop a guilty pleasure after watching it.

The plot of “The Princess Switch” felt somewhat predictable by following a cute but cheesy storyline which ends with a happy ending. Overall, it is one of those holiday movies that everyone loves with it’s joyful characters and winter wonderland setting.

“The Princess Switch” felt more like a Hallmark Christmas movie than a Netflix original release. There’s nothing wrong about it, but it’s setting and storyline did have a Hallmark-movie feeling to it.

The presence and natural charisma of former Disney-actress Vanessa Hudgens, who played the parts of a commoner and a Duchess, gave a cheery and gleeful performance in which made this film perfect for the upcoming holidays.

Vanessa Hudgens fans will be in awe of her impressions of switching back and forth of a British and usual American accents.

“The Princess Switch” first takes place in the city of Chicago, where Stacy DeNovo, played by Hudgens, was selected to compete at an prestigious international bakery competition hosted by the Royal family of Belgravia.

While on the trip in Belgravia, Stacy accidentally runs into Margaret, the Duchess of Montenaro, also played by Hudgens, which share an identical resemblance to Stacy and is engaged to the Prince of Belgravia.

One week before Christmas, Stacy and Margaret switch places for a couple of days and both go on this incredible adventure in which both discover love and develop an unexpected friendship.

Netflix’s “A Christmas Prince” also mentioned in this movie after a year of its successful release for which a sequel is expected to premiere this upcoming month.

It is rumored that there might be a possible crossover with both films since Belgravia is neighbors with “A Christmas Prince” setting of Aldovia.

Since both films where filmed in Romania, it is possible that Netflix will consider a crossover since the streaming-service is known for taking chances and risks of its programming.

It will be a royal-pleasure to see if this is ever to happen in the near future.