Netflix’s A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding is a royal mess

Eunice Barron, Staff Writer

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The Netflix holiday rom-com sequel, “A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding,” which premiered Nov. 30, was not as magical as one would hope.

“A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding” made its grand royal return as a sequel for “A Christmas Prince” premiered back in 2017.

This sequel was a major disappointment and not as good as the first movie.

The dialogue and chemistry between the characters did not work well and did not deliver that magical feeling of romance to the audience.

The dialogue between the characters felt bland and unexciting which did not fulfill the film’s high expectations to be more electrifying.

The chemistry between the characters seemed to lose its personalities with this sequel.

The plot also lacked enthusiasm with the most important event of the story which is: the Aldovian royal wedding.

Planning out the Aldovian royal wedding was supposed to be the main star of the entire movie, but it failed to do so by its lack of interest.

The Aldovian royal wedding seemed more like a regular wedding than a much expected glamorous event.

Despite the movie’s lack of excitement, it still managed to be entertaining for the audience by foreshadowing many cliffhangers throughout the whole film.

The film had a Hallmark Christmas-like feeling to it, in which felt appropriate for this upcoming Christmas and holidays.

“A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding” takes place one year later after former struggling journalist, Amber Moore, played by Rose Mclver accepts to marry the prince of Aldovia on Christmas Day.

As Prince Richard, played by Ben Lamb, prepares to take his position as the King of Aldovia, the country unexpectedly gets hit by an economic crisis in which many citizens lose their jobs.

While the prince tries to find a solution to end the crisis, Amber finds herself second-guessing whether she is fit to be queen or not and fears that she will lose her identity along with it.

There were a lot of Meghan Markle references throughout the film, which drove a lot of attention to the similarities between Amber and the Duchess of Sussex herself.

Both ladies are American with professions and married into royalty, which the audience can definitely can point out.

Although the wedding looks to break traditional wedding protocols there is no doubt that this sequel was heavily inspired by the real-life royal romance of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

The sequel lacked its charm and excitement for the royal wedding event between the main characters in which was a huge disappointment for all fans from the first movie.

It was disillusioning to see the film not return the magic from the first film but it was still nice to see the plot’s inspiration from the romance between Prince Harry and Markle.