Captain Marvelous

Julissa Villalobos

Marvel’s “Captain Marvel” is Brie Larson’s introduction to the marvel universe and is the final movie before the highly anticipated “Endgame.”

“Captain Marvel” hit theaters March 8 and has been destroying box office sales just as all the previous Marvel Cinematic Universe installments have done.

Beginning scenes of the movie teach the viewer two things right away, that Larson aka Captain Marvel aka Carol Danvers, has no previous memories of her life and that she is a total badass or a badass with a heart of gold.

Captain Marvel eventually crash lands on Earth after escaping enemy forces and lands right in the middle of what seems to be Los Angeles in the middle of the glorious 90s.

To be more specific, she crashes into a Blockbuster, a Blockbuster that rents out VHS! And it is here that Danvers runs into an extremely young Nick Fury.

The entire movie from start to finish is an estrogen powered, ass-kicking superhero movie. There is just something so satisfying about seeing a strong woman, who gives no fucks lead an entire super hero movie.

This movie is Marvel Universe’s first woman lead hero movie. We, in the 21st century, got the privilege of having our first female directed, female lead super hero movie back in 2017 with DC Universe’s Wonder Woman.

That film was beautiful in every which way and as a woman sitting in a theatre watching history unfold, many tears were shed.

That moment sadly did not take place during “Captain Marvel,” but not in a negative way at all.

This movie had a more “I’m going to leave this theatre (after the movie is done), steal some dude’s motorcycle and when the creepy guy at the gas station asks me to smile for him, I’ll just throat punch him because I do not take shit from anyone.”

As Danvers discovers who she is and becomes Captain Marvel, she is accompanied by various 90s anthems from bands like Garbage, Hole and No Doubt.

Only the women-led-bands are going to be discussed in this article because this is a woman’s time to shine.

The music really ties Danvers to her time period and gives the movie an awesome playlist, much like the Guardians of the Galaxy movies.

It also gives Danver’s the perfect soundtrack to compliment her spunky “I don’t give a fuck-ness.”

“Captain Marvel” delivered action packed fight scenes and heart-warming discoveries. It is definitely a must see this spring.

This was Marvel’s first movie without Stan Lee and tears can prove that Marvel’s Stan Lee decorated opening sequence and gentle nod on a train cameo that Stan Lee is so missed.

Thank you marvel, from women everywhere. May we be as kick ass and graceful as Captain Marvel.