Widows share a bond in ‘Dead to Me’

Michael Reza

The pilot episode of Netflix’s latest dramedy “Dead to Me” is a charming look at at the darkness that surrounds personal grief. The dry humor is refreshing considering the circumstances, will bring you back for the binging.

Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini put on fascinating performances shown through efficient dialogue and extremely pleasant chemistry.

The show follows Jen Harding, played by Applegate, a real estate agent who is angered by the passing of her husband, who falls victim of a hit and run accident.

Jen befriends an eccentric free spirit Judy Hale, portrayed by Cardellini, who is dealing with her own grief.

Though it is quite possible to figure out the plot that will drive the rest of the show, the pace and performances command the viewer to become invested. That investment leads to a big payoff at the end that does not disappoint.

With a run time of 33 minutes, the first episode alone allows you to feel for these characters as the story arch flings you into disbelief.

The dichotomy between the two women has a very yin and yang essence to it as Harding is the strong, aggressive archetype and Hale is the loving, sensitive archetype. Liking their interactions is a simple recipe with ingredients of comedy and empathy.

“Dead to Me” turns the “dram-com” genre on its head by whereas most shows of its elk take longer develop its story-arch. The pilot does that right away yet still leaves so much to think about.

With Will Farrell and Applegate as executive producers, it’s no question that they used their background in comedy with creating the feeling of the episode. It’s funniest moments come in the darkest parts; that always poses a challenge in itself.

The show thus far is an easy watch that makes for a fun ride on the platform. As far as binge-watching goes, you can find “Dead to Me” near the top of the list. This show will be a talked about in the coming weeks and isn’t getting enough buzz for how unique this tale is.

The first episode is enough to garner the respect of recent popular shows like “You,” “13 Reasons Why” and “On My Block.” With the stunning performances of its actresses, one could only hope that it gets green-lit for multiple seasons.

The one negative criticism one can take from this episode is that the audience can get frustrated with the absence of self-awareness from Cardellini’s character. This will likely subside as the show goes on.

If you haven’t already, take the time and experience this melodramatic comedy series that will make you feel many different emotions while you bust your gut laughing at these two quirky grievers.

“Dead to Me” is the perfect package whether you have a dark sense of humor or not.

It will be interesting to see where the story goes from its chaotic ending which will make or break our damaged characters.