A Look Back With Oscar: Super Mario World 16bits of pure enjoyment.


Courtesy of Nintendo

Super Mario World is the fourth mainline 2D plat former for the Mario Series. Its also one of the launch titles for the acclaimed Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

Oscar Torres, Arts & Entertainment Editor

When competing with Sega, and their console the Sega Genesis, in the ’90s, Nintendo needed to make their own 16-bit console and a launch title that would make their mark in the gaming industry. That console would be the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and the game was “Super Mario World”.

“Super Mario World” is the fourth mainline 2D game of the Super Mario Series and one of the very first games to be released on the Super Nintendo.

It’s been considered as one of the best Mario games of all time but how good is it today, 30 years later?

Let’s start with the game’s story: after Bowser’s previous defeat, Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach decide to relax and take a trip to Dinosaur Island. But once they arrive they find that Bowser and his Koopa kids have taken over the island and captured Yoshi and his friends in eggs.

Now with Peach getting captured again, it’s up to Mario, Luigi, and the Yoshi’s to put an end to Bowser’s rule and save the Princess.

The story is about the same as the previous three games, though it is the first game to introduce players to the loveable green dinosaur Yoshi and its species.

The first iteration of a rideable dinosaur or Yoshi was supposed to be in the original “Super Mario Bros” game but due to the NES’ limitations, he had to be scrapped.

Most players play Mario for the gameplay and for good reason: it’s fun and addicting.

The game is a side-scrolling platformer, just like the previous three games, with one or two players taking turns attempting or completing a level by reaching the big gate at the end.

The new cape feather power-up is fun to use and a good way to skip alot of levels if the player is skilled enough to use it, with some levels needing the power up to get the rest of the exits.

There are also some secret exits that go to more areas of the world map.

To 100% complete the game, the player has to play every level and must find each and every one of the secrets in order to get a full complete playthrough. There’s a total of 75 levels with 24 of them having secret exits making a total of 96 different exits in the game.

Some bonuses include the special world where, once players beat them, they get to change the environment of the world from Spring to Fall, shifting the art theme of the world.

The graphics are really good for Super Nintendo, as it was the first game released so the developers had to show off just how much this console could do. In terms of graphical and performance quality, it did great and many still prefer the look of the 16-bit graphics a lot.

Overall this game still holds up today as it can bring in a ton of replayability with either one or two players.

“Super Mario World” gets a 4.5 out of 5 stars. An amazing title that anyone can pick up and play anytime, “Super Mario World” deserves its sterling reputation.