A Look Back with Oscar: Resident Evil 2 a good kind of scary


Resident Evil 2 released on January 21, 1998, worldwide and has seen many iterations on the PS1, N64, and Gamecube. in 2019 a remake of the game was released fleshing out the world of Racoon City and it’s characters Photo credit: BagoGames & Flickr

Oscar Torres, Arts & Entertainment Editor

It’s the season of scares and terrors and what better way to experience and celebrate the Halloween holiday by playing a horror game.

This time you’ll tackle both zombies and man-made monsters from the Resident Evil franchise

Resident Evil 2 is the second game of the Resident Evil Series and is one of the most influential titles when it comes to survival horror.

The game takes place two months after the first Resident Evil game. A rookie cop named Leon Kennedy gets transferred to Racoon City. On the day he arrives, Leon is shocked to discover that the city has been destroyed and the only beings that remain are the undead.

He meets a girl named Claire Redfield, sister of Chris Redfield from the first game. Both individuals stayed together for a bit before getting separated, sending both to different parts of the Racoon City Police station. Both end up meeting new allies that stay with them to try and survive.

From then on, both Leon and Claire must escape the city and uncover the secret as to what happened to it while on the run from many failed experiments like Lickers, zombies, and the dreaded Mr. X for Tyrant-02.

The plot is solid as it expands on the first game, while also adding in interesting characters and plot elements that continue to come up as the series progresses.

The gameplay is dated for the most part but still very well made. It’s a survival horror game so all it comes down to is to gain items to help survive longer, save up on resources, and solve puzzles in order to not die.

The amount of ammo and health you can get can be scarce at first but with time, players will get the hang of it.

Jump-scares are abundant, with some making players jump from the sudden appearance or throwing the controller high out of fright. All in all the game is still scary just like its 2019 remake.

The controls can be clunky, making it hard to attack enemies and bosses since players can’t move and shoot at the same time. Some may say that it’s a dated design flaw, but others call it thinking strategically and thinking fast.

Difficulty is pretty fair, with some parts of the game being overly fair while others feel like a kick in the soft spot, mainly the boss battles and puzzles.

Voice acting is laughingly good with the tone of the characters being way too serious and it makes the game much better.

The graphics however don’t hold up as well as it looks dirty and the models and environments look unpolished and hard to tell what they supposed to represent.

But even with the bad graphics RE2 is still considered by many a great game in the series and horror games alike.

The games gets ★★★☆☆ due to being a memorable experience that’ll scare both kids and adults for years to come.