Interview with Mr Cerritos

Interview with Mr Cerritos

Talent, humor, entertaining,countless accolades, there are many highlights an individual possesses to earn the title known as Mr. Cerritos. Rob Flores spoke to the most recent Mr. Cerritos, Ron Cordova, to find out who he is without the famed title.

RF: You’ve had experiences on campus with performances.

RC: Yeah

RF: Some of the activities that you participated in as a falcon required you to be in front of a stage be on stage in front of a large crowd and most importantly judging was involved. Are you nervous when you get put in just kind of situations?

RC: I guess it wouldn’t be wrong to say that I have had prior experiences I do like a lot of Kareeoke like with family and friends  so when we have the typical filipino party . I always love to get on a microphone and just like perform and just like entertain everyone like whenever I try to perform something I always want to keep in mind that I am entertaining my audience I want everyone there to be having a good time when i’m there

RF: I know that sometimes people when they have a bad day it usually it affects them throughout their normal daily routine . Does that all affect your signing?

RC: I try not to have as many bad days. I try to like think positively um but there are those days when like yeah it can affect your singing you can’t sing as powerful as you did the day before stuff like that so yeah there are those bad days. But it really depends on the situation Really like uhh if you really know some people who are really out there in the audience and like you are in a comfortable environment the nerves aren’t really  as like as strong as they are like with other situations so yeah .


RF: are there any exercises that you practice in order to develop your singing skills?

RC: With chior definitely. We always do like uh some vocal exercises we stand up we’d stretch and uh we roll our heads like to the side like uh actually we breathe in and and hiss and um we do different scales like that vocal warm ups  even like we go WOOO! Like like that’s an actual exercise to like your voice to get sorta warmed up a little bit especially when you are trying to reach those higher notes.

RF: have you ever been asked by people to sing randomly?

RC: uh (laughter) my mom’s co workers. Yeah like whenever theres like a party going on that’s like hosted by one of my mom’s co workers they always request me. (laughter) they go to my mom and like aterem go like go like uh bring your son he’s so entertaining and stuff like that. There’s actually like one of my mom’s co workers who she always love to do duets with me especially with filipino songs that’s like uh (laughter )  that’s really fun and really flattering that people want me to sing

RF: Can you give us an example of a filipino song?

RC: This is uh song its called … its translated to like why are you only here now what took you so long so the chorus goes like (sings )

RF: What would you like students to best remember you if they’ve only met you for a day? What would you like they to remember Ron Cordova for?

RC : I love singing and like nothing is going to stop me from singing and like I just I love it I love it.