Art Club raises funds through creativity


The Cerritos College Arts Club set up an art sale where members feature personal works of art. The club’s goal is to generate funds for future events to showcase the club members’ talent

Kristopher Carrasco

Returning from a disbanding, the Cerritos College Art Club hosted a sale on Monday that not only generated funds for future club events, but also showcased the talent that members of the club have to offer.

Members of the club joined together and set up the art sale near the Fine Arts Building right outside of the dance studio.

Club members sold their own personal works of art which ranged from abstract to culture-based pieces.

According to Butch Locsin, club president, the Art Club is currently in a rebooting stage as it had disbanded previous semesters ago.

Locsin has since taken it upon himself to rebuild the Art Club with the help of the members.

The club is generating funds in order to host future events like art shows that will promote the students work, as Locsin finds his expression through art to be very important.

“The cool thing about art, especially the way I present it, is that it’s been able to let me express myself. It’s my infatuation for color; I love color and I love exploiting it,” Locsin said.

He had his portrait of Frida Kahlo up for sale as well as a portrait that resembles the imagery of Day of the Dead.

“I have the Frida Khalo right here… Originally, this photo was done in black and white so I had to add color. I used red and green for the complementary contrast and I had to make up my own skin tone for her,” he said about his piece.

The Art Club will continue to host the sale throughout the week with the help of the club members.

Club members, such as David Solares, were participating in the sale to not only help the cause, but to remind students how important the art is.

“I want to bring the arts back because I feel like they’ve fallen really bad. I want to revamp it in a way because it’s really sad,” Solares said.

He created pieces for sale that were inspired by his cultural background and religion.

Solares mentioned that he came from a religious family, so his piece that depicts two aspects of the Virgin Mary, one normal and the other distorted.

It represents his transition from being involved in his religion, to being much less involved.

“Since I come from a religious background, I printed Mary and the distortion of Mary as a way of communicating that I still come from a religious family, but I am not as religious as I used to be.” Solares said in regards to his piece.

Solares also had his personal stickers for sale that represent his take on ‘Loteria’ and death tarot cards.

The club understands that many art programs are going down the drain and its goal is to not let that happen to students of Cerritos College.

The club hopes to hold art shows and attend art walks very soon.