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Student life not found on campus

Briana Hicks, Campus Life Editor

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Cerritos College doesn’t feel like a school. Instead it feels more like walking into a party with no music playing.

Each day spent at school is dry like sandpaper, just as boring as watching rolling tumble weeds, and a lack of school pride that we all once had sometime in our lives.

Cerritos has unfortunately become a familiar passing stranger that we see every now and again, but never truly interact with.

In this case, most students aren’t really involved with the events going on in the campus.

For most students, classes are the only reasons why they come to Cerritos.

According to ASCC member Ilene Ochoa, communications major, they have been trying to break the cycle of students going home after school by trying to get them more involved on campus.

Ochoa expressed that “we are trying to have more events on campus. I know that’s something that we’re kind of lacking. We speak for the students, if we don’t have that much input, we can’t speak for the students.”

One of the ways they tried to get students more involved was by hosting the traditional in-and-out welcome truck.

She continued on to say “the first week we have in-and-out, but again like where’s the enthusiasm?”

On the other hand, Cerritos College President Jose Fierro stated, “we’re not a 4 year institution and I don’t think we should replicate a 4 year institution experience.”

He believed that Cerritos should stay proud and true to the mission to help students transfer to universities.

Fierro went on to say “student engagement in other areas of Cerritos College is actually pretty high. We have about I believe 12 or 14 percent higher than average, students who like to be here.”

He agreed that when it came to athletic events, that we could do a better job at motivating students to attend and attempt to show their Falcon pride.

Fierro confirmed, “I think we need to be a little more proud of Cerritos College. I think most of us are, but I think we don’t voice it out loud often enough. I think pep rallies and pride days are something we should implement.”

Cerritos College student, Julio Gallegos, expressed that he feels like he has to come to school.

He stated, “we should make more activities and stuff to get people more involved and into school because most people just want to come here and get their AA and transfer out.”


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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.
Student life not found on campus