Breakout Artist of 2016: Alessia Cara

Briana Hicks, Campus Life

Aleesia’s Cara debut single, “Here,” streamed over 500,000 times within the first week.

Cara, is a new up and coming break out artist of 2016. Her album, “Know it All,” was released Nov. 13, 2015.

The album, “Know it all,” sold 36,000 copies during the release week. Which earned her the #9 spot on the Billboard 200 list.

19 year old Cara seemingly hit the world by storm with her blues like vocals, and her lyrical rhythm.

According to her website,, her song [ “Here”] was her autobiography.

She wrote the song for the wallflowers of the party.

Cara, whose full last name is Caracciolo, came from Brampton, Ontario.

In an interview Cara did with Complex Music, she informs the readers that, “I was a pretty boring kid. I was always thinking, but I didn’t really say a lot. Then I got into this phase, from maybe fourth to eight grade, where my personality just did a 180.”

She continued, “There was this period of time where I would be home alone for an hour. I would close myself in a closet and just sing really loud. I loved it.”

Cara admitted, that her mom helped her gain confidence by getting her to be comfortable singing around an audience of people listening to her.

Her drama teacher was also a big help as well, by encouraging her to sing in all of the school talent shows.

4 years before her debut single, Cara built up a following with YouTube videos.

Her first video was of her singing Adele’s “One and Only.”

Her YouTube videos would gain her a record deal with Def. Jam Records.

When artist debut their first single, it’s usually either about love, drug, sex, or party music. But, Cara took a different approach to gain her recognition in the music industry.

On the other hand, she wrote a song about how parties aren’t really her scene, how she would just rather be doing something simple with her friends and how she doesn’t want to be around people who could care less about her.

Cara is said to be a conscious pop-star who’s set to subversively top charts and sway hearts and minds.