Clubs bring life to club info night

Miguel Meza

The Cerritos College campus saw a filled walkway along the hills adjacent to the Falcon Square, space being taken to advertise the many clubs of Cerritos.

Ron Cordova, a graphic design major said, “As long as we get the word out there.”

The many faces that stood behind white tables sheltered underneath a blue canopy all seemingly had a story beneath the surface.

While recreation and personal interest remain the clear motive behind the majority of the clubs seen at the school, a club recently made to help improve the public knowledge of those with disabilities aims at inviting people of any kind to help distinguish the importance of life.

Co-President and child development major Linda Sandoval said of her club Abilities Empowered, “This is for disabled and able people to get together.”

She made sure to reiterate the importance of equality in the social sense for those with disabilities.

The dark night was warmed with Christmas lights from a table towards the Student Center, a golden glow that faded into the gray walkway.

As the many faces of the student body walked among the crowded atmosphere, some were intrigued with table advertisements such as a set up telescope for any to see stars.

Vice president of the Astronomy Club, and aerospace engineering major Carlos Leiva said, “We spend two nights a week camping.”

He discussed several possible theories of newly found supposed evidence of extra terrestrial beings.

As the night went on, some were attempting to stay warm with the Christian Bible Club having small children play around the table.

Along with the passion, there was a sense of connectivity among club members, almost like a local network of really excited scholars.

For those who have not seen the clubs that are to be offered at Cerritos College, then Club Night would have informed you thoroughly that if you really like something out there, there is probably a club for it here.