Falcon students flock to join clubs

Alvaro Flores, Staff Writer

Club info day was held at Falcon Square on Wed. Feb. 3 and Thurs. Feb. 4.

Joseph Frausto, commissioner of inter club council said that club info day is used to outreach students at large as each club is unique, which makes it special.

“For the clubs, today is special because it’s a time where members get to leave a good impression that their club is the perfect fit for [students],” expressed Frausto.

He also said that in the future students can expect more events such as, Falcon Games , Franco March Madness, and a staff vs students softball game.

Amna Jara, Coordinator of Student Activities, said with excitement that this year approximately 45 clubs signed up for the event.

Jara stated, “the Social Reef System Fish Tanks Club and Theater Circle Club are in the processes of becoming official clubs.”

Vice president for the Korean Pop Music club, Flavio Quintarias, acknowledged that his club is about supporting each other in and out of school activities.

He said, “members tend to share the interest of learning the culture and music of South Korea.”

Celest Llamas says the Circle K club is a collegiate community service club that promotes leadership through others.

Llamas stated, “there are three components to the club: Service, Leadership and fellowship and many schools recognize members such as ULA, USC, CSLUB, etc.”

She said the club provides the opportunity to meet students outside the state or country.

Genesys Soto said she heard about club info day when she saw the tables out at Falcon Square.

She believes club info day is a sure way to recruit students and believes the event motivates freshmen to enjoy the college experience.