Umoja brings knowledge to students through jeopardy


Umoja students, Christy Angeles (far left) and Eduardo Flores (far right), amongs other students host Jeopardy for Black History Month. Umoja students created a fun atmosphere for the quiz filled event. Photo credit: Jenny Gonzalez

Jenny Gonzalez, Staff Writer

Umoja students created their own version of Jeopardy by using a game-based learning platform named Kahoot.

Approximately 30 students attended the event sponsored by Dr. Gaik and the Umoja students held on Tuesday, Feb. 23.

The topics chosen for the game were Sports, Movies & Cinema, Activists & Inventors and Soul Quiz.

Students participated in the game by selecting answer choices using their cell phones. A variety of questions were based on prominent historical figures.

Such figures mentioned were Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, Harriet Tubman, and Barack Obama, also including Hattie McDaniel, Garrett Morgan, and George Washington Carver and more.

Corey Ward, sociology major, stated “I am very happy with the outcome. I gave it the best I had. I am glad I came out on top.”

As the first place winner, he was awarded a vintage Basil Davidson’s ‘The African Genius’ and a $10 Starbucks gift card.

He added, “I think [Cerritos] should [host events like this because] it’d be good for other people to come around and participate in activities together.”

The word “Umoja” means unity in Swahili.

According to Dr. Gaik, professor and faculty member of Umoja, “it is a program of learning communities, which bring together professors and counselors.

“It is dedicated to academic achievement, intellectual growth and leadership skills for African American students, their friends and allies,” he said.

Eduardo Flores, biology major, was one of the hosts for the game.

He stated “What I hope that everyone got out of it was a little bit more information on black lives.”

He added, “[the Umoja program] really keeps college freshmen […]not so lonely. I probably wouldn’t have made friends by myself until [the] second year, so it makes things a lot easier[…]and smoother to transition into college.”