Cerritos College prepares students for graduation


Monique Nethington

Bookstore Sales Associate Cindy Munoz, works the bookstore’s graduation booth. The booth offered caps, gowns and diploma frames for purchase. Photo credit: Monique Nethington

Briana Hicks, Campus Life Editor

For the past month, graduates have been preparing to say their final good-byes to Cerritos College.

As a way to celebrate their hard work, the school put together a graduation fair last Wednesday.

But the fair wasn’t really a fair at all. There were no celebratory decorations and no one welcoming the upcoming graduates over.

Located at Falcon Square were two table stands.

The first stand, Jostens, offered students class mementos to reward their hard work.

While the other, the Bookstore, offered students fittings for their cap and gown.

According to Cindy Munoz, the Bookstore set up a stand to actually get graduating students who are purchasing their caps and gowns to get the right sizes by trying on the display items.

The Bookstore’s stand also offered graduates customized frames, and flyers with upcoming information.

Munoz stated, “[The frames] are actually for personal choice of students[…]they’re customized because they have the Falcon logo on them, and then they have Cerritos College [or] they have the regular ones that are given at commencement.”

The celebration fair was overshadowed.

Students campaigned around the stands for the ASCC elections and less than a few feet away from the tables, a Mountain Dew truck drew students in with roaring music coming with the promise of a few samples.

Some students stopped to check out the Jostens stand, but majority of students were mainly focused on picking up their cap and gown.

Yesenia Liera, criminal justice major, admitted that she was unaware of the fair.

On the other hand, criminal justice and math major Vanessa Acosta said that she did visit the booths for the grad fair.

She expressed that the fair was good, and it was different than what she did in high school.

Liera said that for her it’s a big step, “I feel like it’s just another accomplishment and just achieving what you want.”

Acosta agreed as well, “I’m actually getting two [degrees], criminal justice and next year mathematics.”

Regardless of the fair, not being much of a fair, students were still expressing joy about the graduation ceremony.

Any questions regarding graduation ceremony, may be answered during the commencement orientation May 9-13. To sign up visit www.cerritos.edu/commencement.